Focusing Strength Training Exercise To Target Problem Areas

All of us have at least something we do not like about our bodies, and strength training exercise is a great way to improve it. Whether a person is 50 pounds overweight, or doesn’t have a stitch of body fat to be found, they always feel that their is something to improve. This is what makes strength training so beneficial for so many people.

There are a number of ways to specifically target problem areas throughout the body with a variety of resistance exercises. If you are dedicated to taking aim at certain problem areas, then here are some excellent exercises you can use to look better and feel better about your body.

Problem Area #1- The Stomach

This is a common problem area for many people. The media focuses around six pack abs, and they are something most of us long for. While sit ups are the traditional exercise, Pilates and yoga have become some of the best options. You can utilize strength resistance by investing in Pilates resistance bands or adding extra weight to certain areas. Bench press exercises can also force your core to work extra hard, and thus bring those deep muscles to the forefront. Diet will play a large role as well, and you should try to lower your fat intake and take advantage of cardio.

Problem Area #2- Arms

The good news when it comes to flabby arms is that it is a very easy area to target. You can mix in some strength training by adding wrist weights to your morning jog, without overworking yourself. This is also an area where traditional strength training exercises come into play, such as curls that work both the biceps and the triceps. It is important for women to remember that strength training is very beneficial, but doesn’t mean you will end up looking like a body builder.

Problem Area #3- Rear Ends

This is something that a lot of women worry about. The best way to tone the upper thighs and the butt is by using squats and lunges to your advantage. A good mix of cardio will also help burn the fat and give you the best results. Try mixing some squats into your regular routine and use other strength training exercises such as lunges. Aside from resistance training, simply taking the stairs up to your office can go a long way in giving you that perfectly proportioned butt.

What you need to take away from this is the importance of strength training exercises when it comes to targeting problem areas. Cardio and other forms of exercise are great for getting you in shape, but they do not focus primarily on certain parts of the body. Certain workouts that involve lunges, squats, bicep, tricep curls, and even using a bench press can help tone your body like you never thought possible.

Always remember that a “perfect” body doesn’t really exist. Work hard, feel good, and tone your body, but always feel good about what you have.


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    How do you lose the flab under the arms where your bra goes around you