Flavonoids: Capillary Stabilizing Agents

Flavonoids are among the most beneficial nutrients that you can derive from plants and plant products. The larger category of flavonoids is broken down into multiple subcategories, each containing a wide variety of chemical compounds that have a range of benefits.

Flavonoids are touted for the helpful effects that they have to developing fetuses that are in vitro. However, they are also well known for their benefits to human beings after birth and throughout life. In addition to their many other well documented benefits, flavonoids of different types may help out as capillary stabilizing agents, which can be of vital importance to people with certain medical conditions.

Flavonoids as Stabilizing Agents

Your capillaries are tiny channels that transmit blood through different parts of your body. As small, relatively weak channels, capillaries have the potential to collapse or to become damaged in certain ways. While this usually doesn’t result in major medical issues or concerns, it can leave a red mark on your skin that either takes a while to go away or may become relatively permanent. For people concerned about the appearance of their skin, broken capillaries are generally a bane.

Many flavonoids have been targeted through select preliminary studies as potential capillary stabilizing agents. This means that eating a diet rich in this type of compound will help to provide structural strength to your capillaries. As the capillaries become stronger, they are less likely to be damaged through normal processes or to collapse or break entirely. Therefore, flavonoids can help to prevent splotchy red marks from appearing on your skin.

Other Benefits

Regardless of your concerns about capillaries and their stability, flavonoids provide a host of other benefits that is so great that they can hardly be denied a place in any wholesome diet. Flavonoids are proven to lower the risk of cancer because of their antioxidant effects. Antioxidants help to prevent cancer by eliminating free radical oxygen species that exist in your body as a product of other processes. These oxygen species can be responsible for the destruction of certain types of cells. Repeated destruction of these cells over thousands of repetitions and many years can lead those cells to be more prone to mutation and, as a result, to various types of cancer.

Different types of flavonoids are also shown to limit diarrhea by helping to clean out your lower intestine and to regulate your bowels efficiently. This can be used either as a preventative measure to protect against diarrhea episodes, or as a way of curing existing diarrhea. Finally, flavonoids appear in many of the most healthy and nutrient rich vegetables and fruits, so a diet that is rich in flavonoids from these natural sources is also likely to be widely rich in other nutrients.

For more information about flavonoids and their potential benefits, speak with a doctor or a nutritionist.


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