Five Ways to Think Positive when Dieting

Think positive to lose the most amount of weight and keep it off for good. If dieting is a drag then you aren’t doing it right. To be successful on a diet, you need to enjoy the process (to some extent). Part of dieting is finding a diet that works for you—one that doesn’t feel like torture and includes foods that you enjoy. But we all know there are days when being on a diet can get you down. These five ways to think positive will get you closer to your goal weight sooner and will ensure that you stay there.

Get Healthy

Constantly thinking about your weight can create anxiety and depression problems for some individuals. Plus, the scale doesn’t always do what it should—weight fluctuates with a woman’s menstrual cycle, stress, water-retention from salty meals and sometimes for no reason at all. If the number of the scale is your only motivator, sticking to your diet is going to be next to impossible. Instead think of your diet as a means to get healthy. Even if you’re not losing much, eating a lower-calorie diet and avoiding high-calorie, trans-fat-filled fast food means that you are already reducing your risk of chronic diseases and extending your lifespan.

Get Creative

One way to stay positive while dieting is to eat foods that you genuinely enjoy. That doesn’t mean scrap the whole thing and head for your local pizzeria. Rather, get creative with your recipes and find ways to adapt your old favorites to your new lifestyle. Love pizza but don’t want the 400-calories a slice? Try making your own whole-wheat pizza dough, or load up a low-carb tortilla instead. Whatever you do, have fun with it. That way you eliminate feelings of deprivation and replace them with accomplishments.

Get Moving

If you don’t already exercise, now is the time to start. Exercise releases endorphins in your brain, which make you feel good. When you work out, you burn more calories and get closer to your goals. Plus, exercise helps clear the mind, reduces stress (even diet-induced stress) and can even get you back on track if you’ve lost your way.  If you’ve over-indulged, workouts can help minimize damage so you can let go of the guilt.

Get Support

When motivation dips and negative thoughts start to sneak in, seek support. Friends and family members who are also trying to lose weight can help you deal with pessimism and can be the support network you need to stay on track. Plus, people who are accountable to others are less likely to slip up.

Use a Journal

A journal can be online or in a notebook. But find a place to track things other than just your weight: Record your energy levels, your body measurements, exercise and accomplishments. It’s easier to stay positive if you see how far you’ve come in so many areas or your life.


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