Five Healthy Ways to Channel Your Anger

When you are filled with anger it can be hard to concentrate on anything but the problem at hand. Knowing how to channel your emotions means that you can reduce stress and move on—all while getting things done! Just because your boss has passed you over for a promotion or your sweetie has left their dirty dishes in a pile on the kitchen counter again, doesn’t mean that the rest of life stops. We all still need to take care of our bodies and minds, clean our homes and make dinner. Here are five healthy ways to channel your anger so you can feel better and accomplish your goals at the same time.


Everyone knows that exercise is the key to losing weight and keeping it off—but did you know that exercise is also an excellent way to relieve stress and let go of pent-up aggression? There are two ways to channel your anger and get a great workout. First, slip on your running shoes and get on that stair-climber (or whatever your favorite cardio exercise may be). Plug in your MP3 player and let the loud, pulsing music take you through your workout. With each step you’ll feel stronger, more in control and less angry. Option two is to pick activities that are inherently soothing, like yoga, swimming or talking a brisk walk through a gorgeous green park. As your mind calms and your body burns calories, you’re sure to melt away the anger and those extra pounds.

Bake Bread

If bread is part of your daily diet, why not whip up some loaves of your own? Bread making is both soothing and physical. Kneading bread gives your upper body a workout and when you’re done, you’ll have a delicious, homemade loaf to feed your body with. Pick a no-sugar, no-butter, whole-grain recipe to keep your diet on track.

Scrub the Tub

Sometimes getting down on your hand and knees to shine your bathtub or kitchen floor is exactly what the anger-management coach ordered. The act of scrubbing uses upper body strength, burns lots of calories and somehow the closer your tub gets the spotless the less angry you feel.


Have you been meaning to turn those abandoned flower beds into a colorful garden of blooms and veggies? When you mind is fill with anger, working the soil with your hand is a way to release tension and reconnect with nature. Plant climate appropriate, organic vegetables that you can eat later and sprinkle in a few colorful flowers to cheer yourself up now. Off season do the same thing, but this time start your own indoor herb garden.

Express Yourself

Sometimes the best treatment is to let your feelings out. Express your thoughts to a close friend, paint a picture that captures your emotions or write in a journal to get all your angry ramblings on to paper and out of your head. Being able to acknowledge the way you feel is the first step to feeling better. Find a craft or creative project you’ve been meaning to take on and get started. Not only will you get your mind off your problems, but you’ll be doing so in a way that rewards you with a real gift in the end—a new scrapbook, a one-of-a-kind poem or a little peace of mind.


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