Five Best Leafy Greens for Weight Loss

There are numerous different leafy greens that are beneficial when added to a regular healthy diet thanks to their high nutritional value and low calorie count. Consuming at least three servings of dark leafy greens on a daily basis can help you to avoid diabetes, fight off heart disease, protect yourself from certain cancers and lose weight all at the same time.

If you’re interested in learning first hand how these vegetables can provide you with all of these benefits, keep you full throughout the day and stop you from feeling deprived between meals, then consider incorporating the following greens into your daily diet.


Spinach is light in taste and easily cooks down so it’s perfect for adding to stir fry meals, casseroles, spaghetti dinners and even in rice dishes. Spinach is a perfect green for salads and to top burgers with. A cup of raw spinach has less than 10 calories, but provides a good source of vitamins including riboflavin, thiamin, niacin, folate and vitamins A, C and E.

Collard Greens

This vegetable is a bit thicker than other leafy green vegetables so they are best for steaming or cooking into things like soups. Collards are also easy to implement into salads. They are a good source of antioxidants and minerals, and they work well combined with other greens and rich flavors like pine nuts and soy sauce.


These leafy greens are popular in salads and spicy dishes which work well with their slightly bitter taste. They can easily be blanched or steamed with seasoning and garlic to make a fantastic side dish that tastes great with any meal. Although not quite as firm as collards, kale tends to be stiffer than lettuce greens so it’s a good choice when you’re trying to create different textures within one particular dish. 

Rainbow Chard

Easily spotted because of its brightly colored stems, this kind of green vegetable is a mix of green chard, red chard and golden chard so you get the best of all worlds. They all taste very similar, but their stems are dramatic which makes them popular when it comes to adding a pop of color in savory dishes. Rainbow chard is best used in salads, casseroles and in stews.

Mustard Greens

You can usually find both green and red mustard greens in the grocery or health food store. Both taste similar to each other, but like chard, the biggest difference is in their appearance. They also hold similar vitamins and nutrients, so choosing between the different versions of mustard greens really comes down to color preference. They have a light taste, so it’s easy to incorporate these greens into your favorite meals without changing the taste too much, if at all.

The best way to incorporate dark leafy greens into a healthy diet is to make sure you consume a variety of these foods instead of concentrating on a particular one. This will ensure that you benefit from the wide range of nutrients found in each particular type of veggie.


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