Fitting in Fitness: Quick Toning Exercises

Everyone looks better with a slim waist and good muscle definition, and most people are unhappy with how they look in terms of physical fitness and muscle toning. If you are interested in losing some flab weight so you can look and feel more healthy, but you’re schedule doesn’t have room for regular trips to the gym, you may want to consider doing some short toning exercises in your own home each day. Doing regular toning exercises can provide you with a short, easy daily routine that will help you to quickly slim down that waist, make you look better, and increase your physical strength.

Examples of Short Toning Exercises

The length of time that you are exercising will determine how effective the exercise will be. If you only have about ten minutes to spend on toning exercises each day, you should consider some of the more strenuous exercises. Some good exercises that can be done properly in ten minutes are push-ups, wall sits and crunches. These exercises are mostly anaerobic, but they do make your body expend a lot of energy, so they are fairly good for trimming fat (particularly the crunches). If you have a little more time, such as twenty to thirty minutes, you could include some brisk walking or jumping jacks on top of the ten minute exercises. This will put in a little more aerobic exercise to burn more fat.


To do a standard push-up, you lie face down on a hard, level floor. Place your hands next to your shoulders, and prop up your legs with your toes. Push your body upwards using only your arms, until your arms are straight, hold that position for a second, than slowly lower your body until your elbows form ninety-degree angles. You can repeat the push-up as many times as you want. The more you do, the more effective your exercise routine will be.


To do crunches, you have to start lying on your back with your feet wedged under a heavy object such as a piece of furniture, and place your hands in a crossed position across your chest. Lift your torso slightly upward by flexing your abdominal muscles, and hold that position for a second. Then, without releasing the tension on your abdominals, slowly lower your torso until it is only slightly above the floor. Hold that position for a second, then lift yourself upward again. To work the abdominals in your sides, you can twist your torso to alternating sides as you lift your torso.


To do a wall-sit, you start by leaning with your back against a wall. Move your feet about a foot and a half away from the wall, then slide your back downward until your knees form ninety-degree angles. You should look like you are sitting in a chair, but without the chair. Hold this position for as long as you can.

If you do not have time to do a lot of regular exercise, but you still want a well-built body, you should look into some short toning exercises to do every day. With some patients and effort, you can have the body you want; don’t just sit around wishing you looked better without doing anything about it!


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