Fitness Training For Women On The Go

Fitness training for women on the go is crucial these days! Never seem to find time to work out?  Is it just too hard to squeeze in with everything else you’ve got going on in your insanely busy life?  Well, not to fear.  These flexible fitness training exercises for women will keep you in tip top shape wherever you go.  Even if you’re stuck in a hotel room, with only five minutes to spare, you’ll still be able to break a sweat and stay in shape. 


Run Stairs – this is a classic exercise that can be done anywhere with a flight of stairs.  Right up and down as many flights as you feel comfortable two times (at the very least).  Besides being a killer leg workout, it also does double duty as cardio!  This is one of the few cardio exercises you can do just about anywhere. 

Lunges – Stand normally, and take a huge step forward.  Keep your hands on your waist for balance.  Continue to lower yourself down until your knee touches the ground or is very close.  Keep “walking” this way, alternating legs if there is room.  If you find yourself in a confined space, you can stay in place and do it.


Leg Raises – Raise alternating legs or raise them together, and keep legs straight.

Twisting crunches – From sit up position, touch your opposite knee to opposite elbow and vice versa.  That’s one rep.

Extentions – Sit on the floor without letting your legs or back touch the ground, like a teeter-totter.  Extend your arms and legs forward (still not touching the ground), then pull them back in, so your elbows and knees are bent.  Lean back farther to make it more challenging.  That’s one rep. 


Push ups – this is one of the best, most versatile exercises ever!  And it’s not just for military guys and muscle heads. Push ups are great for women because they tighten up places all over your body.  To make it easier, do them on an incline (like putting your hands on the edge of a bed while your feet are on the floor).  To make them more difficult, do the opposite — put your hands on the floor and elevate your feet, resting them on a bed or a chair.


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