Fitness in Your 20s: Developing a Healthy Lifelong Regime

Whether you’re new to the exercise world and trying to shake off those “freshman 15,” or you’ve been a part of an active community for years, fitness in your 20s instigates a healthy lifelong regime to keep your body at its best. During and after college, many students give up their participation in organized sports and lead more sedentary lives. In addition, entering the workforce post-college can greatly increase the time you’re sedentary, since desk jobs are so prevalent.

Have Fun with Fitness

Working out in your 20s shouldn’t mean all the toys have been put away. Picking up a frisbee or visiting the beach for some volleyball can spark life into your outdoor activities and can allow exercise to feel much more social and fun, rather than a chore for burning calories. While it can be beneficial to keep to an exercise routine that will have you getting active at the gym or at an aerobics class, adding some alternative and fun outings to the mix will benefit you in more ways than one.

Not only will varied activities and exercises keep you interested in being active, but your body will be continuously challenged when you try new activities. Instead of doing the same thing every day, such as staring at a television screen for a DVD aerobics session, try lacing up those sneakers and getting some friends together on a regular basis to play some basketball.

Make Friends and Bring Friends

While some exercises can bring you close to a meditative experience, such as standing on the putting green of a golf course or participating in yoga, a great many calorie-burning activities are best served with friends. Shooting hoops in a friend’s driveway or using the local park for some flag football will have you active and exercising for hours, without the activity feeling like a chore you must complete every day.

And not only does having a friend at your back help to keep you safe if your activities are strenuous, but the assistance of friends can be invaluable in giving you a reason to keep up with your exercise program. Knowing that someone will be waiting for you to show up for a morning run or for an afternoon at the gym can be reason enough for you to throw on your workout clothes and get active.

Don’t Make It Complicated

The easiest way to tell yourself you don’t need to exercise is to create a difficult exercise plan that might have you skipping out more often than not. Simply tossing on a pair of running shoes and going out for an evening run with a friend can have just as much benefit as an organized aerobics class if it helps you to add activities to your day.

Remember that staying active doesn’t require a membership to the gym or the assistance of a personal trainer (although gyms and trainers can help). Above all, exercise should be fun, which will make your healthy body that much more rewarding after an afternoon spent playing water polo with friends or an evening spent lifting weights with a workout buddy.


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