Fitness Exercise Bikes: Benefits Of Low Impact Workouts

Fitness exercise bikes are great for low impact workouts. Recumbent exercise bicycles are especially beneficial, and on these models the rider sits in a bucket seat leaning slightly backward. This is a more comfortable position for those who are overweight or have back problems.

Greater Physical Benefits

Since using a recumbent exercise bike is more ergonomically correct, the abdominal muscles relax, making breathing deeper and easier (and thereby improving the cardiovascular workout). This in turn increases the aerobic capacity and also the burning of fat. Recumbent bikes not only exercise the gluteal muscles, but shape the butt area as well. There are no muscle strains on the back, shoulders, neck, ankles, or knees since the rider is not hunched over.

Recumbent Bikes Have More Features

Recumbent bikes have a number of different settings to increase resistance, which produces a great fat-burning cardio workout and builds muscles. Simulating different types of courses from easy and flat to difficult and hilly, they also come with:

  • CD displays
  • heart rate monitor
  • preset programs
  • other informational systems

The Schwinn exercise bicycles 230 and 231 range from $460 to $620 and have 12 to 23 programs. The G-force RT Lemond fitness bike has 13 different programs and costs approximately $2,600. The Vision Fitness Exercise Bike is semi-recumbent in that its seat rides higher than the pedals. All of these are great choices to get you on a successful (and low impact) path to fitness!


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