Fitness and Toning with Plyometric Exercises

Plyometric exercise is proven to enhance muscle strength, tone leg muscles, increase stamina and add an explosive touch to any workout routine. This form of exercise is simple and easy to perform. It utilizes and intensifies the action of jumping to increase muscle potential. Plyometric exercise is a breakthrough in fitness, giving athletes as well as the common man an exercise to add to their routine that will definitely give results.

Plyometric Exercise

Plyometrics, also known as plyos, is a specific type of exercise that is used as a training routine and is meant to make fast, powerful movements. This improves the way the nervous system works and is usually used to improve your performance in sports, intensify your training routine and tone your legs. This exercise involves loading your muscles and then contracting them in rapid sequences. It uses strength and elasticity of the muscles and the tissues that surround them in order to jump higher, run faster, hit harder and throw farther. Applied to a training or workout routine, plyometric exercises can double your progress towards a weight loss goal or a desired appearance.

Exercise Routine

Plyometric exercising is incredibly easy to apply to a training routine for a big competition as well as just an ordinary workout routine that is merely meant to keep you in shape. Plyometric exercising is intense, so previous weight training or physical activity is recommended before starting a plyometric exercise routine. In its simplest form, plyometric exercising can be as easy as jumping to a platform and then back down again in a short amount of time. This repeated process creates an intense workout routine that will keep you fit and well toned. This workout can either be intensified or toned down depending on how high the platform is and how much time you give yourself for each jump. As a safety precaution, it is recommended to not set the goal too high, since falling is always a possibility with strenuous exercising.

Uses in Sports

There are several examples of sports that plyometric exercise has proved useful for. One example would be soccer, a game that is based primarily around footwork and personal stamina. In order to succeed and become a star player in soccer, you would need to have an increased physical endurance to carry yourself across the field in short amounts of time and the power to retrieve or kick the ball once there. Plyometric exercising in a training routine can be easily used to an athlete’s advantage on the soccer field as well as several other sports, including rugby, basketball, track and field and even martial arts.

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