Firm Diet

The firm diet was created in 1979 in a studio in South Carolina, but quickly spread throughout the United States through videos. More than 10 million workouts have been sold as of May 2009, and the firm videos are considered to be America’s #1 exercise tapes.

Premise: The firm diet is actually more of a fitness plan than a diet, as it focuses on exercise more than food. The firm exercise program combines cardio and weight training to help viewers burn fat through exercise. Video guides teach you how to exercise safely and effectively to get the most out of the firm diet.

The Diet: The actual “diet” portion of the firm program isn’t really mentioned, but of course you should take the initiative to eat healthily regardless. The exercise portion is a series of videos which can be ordered through the internet. You’ll need a television with VCR or DVD player and a set of light weights. Then, just follow the instructions in the videos and exercise your way to health.

What to get excited over:
Unlike some other diets, stopping the firm diet once you’ve reached your weight loss goal doesn’t necessarily mean the pounds will come right back, in fact, the firm diet was developed specifically for long-term success. It actually changes your body by adding muscle and boosting metabolism. With a higher metabolism, your body will naturally burn more calories even when you’re not working out. The firm diet is more effective than other exercise programs because of the way it combines cardio and light weight lifting. You don’t need to leave your house to exercise; all you need is a clear space in front of your television and some weights.

Things to consider:
The firm diet focuses solely on exercise and mostly ignores healthy eating, which isn’t the complete package to a healthful life. Since you need to devote time to exercise on a regular basis, it may be difficult if you have a hectic schedule. It’s also easy to lose the motivation to exercise, which is especially problematic when the workouts are somewhat repetitive and lack social interaction.

Verdict: Recommend, in conjunction with a nutritious food-focused diet. If you can make a commitment to keep using the firm diet, even if it grows boring or inconvenient, it may be a great program for you to try. Make sure you start slowly if you’re unaccustomed to exercise, and don’t overwork yourself. Even though the firm diet doesn’t focus on food, it’s important to eat healthily to properly fuel your body for workouts. You may consider a nutritious food-focused diet coupled with the firm program. Discipline is integral to success with the firm diet, but the payoff – a strong, healthy, toned body – will be worth it.


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