Finding a Vegan Meal Even Your Friends Enjoy

As a vegan, you may feel that your vegan meal options are limited, especially when your friends come to visit. However, there are vegan recipes available that even your omnivorous or lacto ovo friends can appreciate. Ingredient choices, such as peanut butter or fresh vegetables, are vegan friendly options that everyone can enjoy, no matter their eating habits. Your friends might not enjoy soy milk, but a tall glass of lemonade is always an option. This guide may help you make a delicious vegan meal that your friends will love.

Ingredient Choices

If you are making a strictly vegan meal, make a list of vegan items which non vegans normally enjoy. Omnivores and lacto ovo vegetarians often dislike soy milk, but lemonade, fruit juices, tea or even cold water are all options which are generally enjoyed by omnivores and vegans alike. For a balanced meal with some protein, you can try any of a variety of legumes, nuts, soybeans or soybean products such as tofu. You can also include fruits, vegetables and some kind of starch to round out the meal.


There are many vegan recipe books, and readily available vegan recipes, to assist you throughout your vegan meal preparations. You could try a tofu and vegetable stir fry over rice, a hearty black bean and potato stew in vegetable stock or any other number of healthy and tasteful options. If you want to, call your friends before they visit and run ideas by them to see if there are any vegan options they’d find preferable.

If you can’t seem to find any meal options that work, consider looking for vegetarian recipes that can be modified to be vegan. You can make omelets with fake eggs and fry them in margarine instead of butter, for example. The simple act of substituting olive oil or margarine for butter can make many great vegetarian recipes into vegan ones.

Keeping it Simple

A good vegan meal doesn’t have to be impressive. If you’re making lunch, you can keep it simple with some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on wheat bread: easy, vegan and widely enjoyed. Waffles, pancakes or even just a bowl of cereal with soy milk works for breakfast. Tacos with beans, lettuce, tomato and fake cheese can be an easy do-it-yourself dinner.

While vegan meals can seem somewhat limiting, using commonly enjoyed ingredients like peanut butter and fresh vegetables, can turn out a meal that everyone will enjoy. If you feel like you can’t find anything worth making, don’t be discouraged; simple meals are perfectly acceptable.


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