Filtered Water: A Better Option for Your Workout

Staying hydrated during a workout is important, and filtered water is an excellent choice. It lacks many of the trace toxins and unhealthy minerals of tap water and is relatively inexpensive. When you’re working out, filtered water has even more benefits for you.

Benefits of Filtered Water during Workouts

Water is the healthiest fluid choice for a workout, and filtered water has even more benefits. Water filters remove chemicals that can cause an unpleasant taste or aftertaste. If drinking tap water leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth, you are less likely to stay hydrated during your workout. That can lead to dehydration and muscle pains, both things that can prematurely end your exercise session.

If you’re working out in order to lose or maintain your weight, filtered water is far superior to tap water. The liver converts your body’s fat stores into energy; however, it also works with your kidneys to remove toxins from the body. If you’re consuming toxins in your tap water as you exercise, your liver has to work to destroy them. This takes away from its efforts in converting fat into energy. By drinking pure, untainted water, your liver can spend more time burning off your fat stores and giving you more energy.

Another great side effect for weight loss is how water can affect your metabolism. Drinking lots of water both increases your metabolism and decreases your random hunger pangs, since dehydration often manifests as feelings of hunger. Filtered water doesn’t have the chemicals and contaminants that can slow down your metabolism.

Health Benefits

When you’re healthy, your workouts are more efficient. Filtered water has many health benefits that can contribute to your overall health and lead you to longer, more effective workouts. Lead, something that tap water is treated for, can still be present in the water due to lead in the pipes or in lead-based solder. Lead can lead to serious health problems, including nervous system damage, decreased muscle growth and speech issues. Filters treat water for lead immediately before it gets to you.

Water filters remove other dangerous contaminants from water, such as chlorine and chemicals that cause gastrointestinal distress. Using filtered water for cooking as well as drinking minimizes your exposure to these toxins, helping you live more healthily and comfortably. Another side effect of these chemicals and toxins is a change in water’s pH level. Filtered water has had the pH level balanced by retaining the healthy minerals in water and removing the contaminants.

Filtered water is a great choice for your workout and for your life. It keeps you from drinking hazardous substances, improves upon the taste of tap water and helps your body work more efficiently. Purchasing a water filter for your sink or a water filtering system for your home is an inexpensive way to lead a more healthy life. Start drinking filtered water, and you’ll and notice the benefits in your workouts.


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