Fill up on These 17 Foods with High Satiety

Satiety is being full or satisfied and not requiring additional calories. Keeping the body satisfied or properly satiated can be a challenge if a person does not know which foods fill up the body and which foods burn off quickly. High satiety foods keep the body satisfied and can keep a person from overeating.

There are several foods that keep the body highly satisfied and work effectively in keeping a person from overeating. If these foods are consumed in adequate amounts and at the right times, they can keep the body satisfied longer and reduce any chances of overeating. These foods include but are not limited to:


Oranges – This fruit is a great in-between meal snack that is highly satiable. It also provides a healthy dose of vitamin C, which is a boost for the body’s immune system.

Apples – Another in-between meal snack that is great if it’s eaten in addition to a meal as well. If it’s sliced and topped with peanut butter, apples can be a whole meal substitute.

Watermelon – This fruit has an enormous source of water content and works well in filling up the body

Grapefruit – Fills the body up and helps it to feel fuller longer. It is also a great appetite suppressant that works in conjunction with a healthy meal.

Banana – This fruit is high in protein and can leave the body feeling fuller for longer time periods.


Popcorn – A very light snack that is filling and satisfying.


Oatmeal – A great breakfast food that digests slowly and keeps the body feeling fuller longer.

Grits – A great source for satisfying foods, minus the butter, sugar or salt.


Baked Beans – A great complement to any meal with or without a meat product.

Potatoes – This includes white potatoes and sweet potatoes. For the potatoes to be even more beneficial, they should be baked or broiled. They can also be mixed with other vegetables including broccoli or carrots for added texture.

Bean Sprouts – Fills the body up and is a great source of protein, fiber and vitamin C.

Carrots – Full of fiber and protein, carrots are also a good source of vitamin D.


Fish (broiled) – Can be consumed up to three times a week. It does not contain any additional calories, but does a great job in helping the body to feel full and satiated longer.

Chicken Breasts (broiled) – Broiling chicken breasts cuts down on the fat content absorption as opposed to frying or even grilling.

Sirloin Steak (broiled) – Broiling steak cuts down the fat content, much the same as the chicken breasts.

Liquids, Soups

Skim Milk, 1% and 2% Milk – Great source of vitamin D without additional calories.

Broth-based soups like beef or chicken are an excellent way to fill up.

Be Creative

Many of these foods can be incorporated into a well-balanced diet for maximum satisfaction. A number of them can be mixed together for a change of routine in any diet regimen and for maximum health reasons as well. For instance, pairing broiled fish together with potatoes and having a banana with yogurt for desert is a meal that can keep a person from getting hungry for hours. They key is to stay satisfied for longer periods of time and avoid overeating.


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