Fight Obesity And Win Health

If you’re one of the 34% of American woman that find themselves struggling to fight obesity–it IS a fight you can win! As our country finds itself in the midst of an obesity epidemic (that some people have battled since childhood), more and more treatments are emerging to increase success!

Although genetics and medical issues can play a role in obesity, many causes of the chronic illness can be scientifically traced to diet, exercise and meal portion sizes. Since those are all things we can each control, the fight is definitely winnable!

Dietary therapy 

Since science has linked obesity to high fat, salt and sugar in our diets, consult your physician and/or a dietician to find out how to change your diet to replace those offenders with healthy alternatives.

Exercise therapy

Science also links a lack of exercise with obesity. Try exercise books, videos, websites, classes or even instructors to help you reverse a sedentary lifestyle.

Drug therapy 

In conjunction with diet and exercise, your physician or dietitian can prescribe medications, supplements and herbs that can help you reduce body fat and get out of the obesity statistics.

In some very severe cases, obesity surgery can be recommended to jump start crucially needed results. 


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