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Note: This is an update to our original review from last year. Fiber Gourmet has created a new and improved version that is even more like regular pasta, with a smidgen more fiber!

Are you getting the recommended amount of fiber to help prevent heart disease, diabetes, and some forms of cancer? This past year, we reviewed Fiber Gourmet Light Pasta, which packs an enormous amount of healthy fiber in each serving. They recently came out with an updated formula that packs up to 20 grams of fiber in each bowl – 2 more grams from the previous recipe. This could be the perfect ‘diet food’, because the excellent fiber content alone may subconsciously prevent us from overeating! We don’t fancy the effects of 40-60 grams of fiber in one go! Add a touch of marinara to the pasta, or blend in with sauteed vegetables, and you have a delicious and very healthy fettuccine style pasta to pair up with a salad or lean meat. Extra fiber means slower digestion, which means this will be a satisfying meal that will stick with you for quite some time.

It’s hard to resist a steaming hot bowl of pasta, dripping with fresh tomato sauce and veggies! But pasta is the devil, right? Not if it’s Fiber Gourmet! This new pasta is loaded with a whopping 18 grams to 20 of fiber and has fewer calories than regular pasta! Fiber Gourmet is available in regular, spinach, and tomato flavors. How does it taste? We put each flavor variety to the test.

We love pasta, but it doesn’t pack a lot nutritionally, and it’s just an occasional treat in our house. When we heard that Fiber Gourmet pasta contained just 130 calories and 18 grams of fiber, we couldn’t wait to try it. We started with the Classic flavor, but it didn’t have a lot of flavor. But who eats pasta plain! We added our favorite sauce and we couldn’t tell the difference between this and regular pasta. The texture was exactly the same, and it was filling! We then tried the spinach and tomato flavors, and they each had a nice, mild flavor that didn’t need a heavy sauce. Each of these varieties also cooked up al dente and were very satisfying.

fiber gourmet pasta
How can this pasta contain just 130 calories? Fiber technically has 4 calories per gram, but the body doesn’t digest it. It just passes right through your body. You can safely deduct the calories from fiber from the total calories to learn how many calories you are really consuming. Since Fiber Gourmet contains 18 grams of fiber, they deduct 72 calories and let us know we are really just getting 130 calories per serving. That’s not the only benefit you get from the fiber. It helps us feel full and satisfied from a normal portion of food. Plus fiber helps keep us regular, fights cancer, and helps lower our cholesterol. Maybe this is a pasta of angelic proportions!

If you’d like to try Fiber Gourmet pasta, try it out at .


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  • Crabby McSlacker

    Really? A pasta that’s low cal, has 18 grams of fiber, and it doesn’t taste like crap? That’s truly impressive! This is the second good review I’ve seen, so maybe I’ll actually give this stuff a try.

    Found you from Martha’s post at That’sFit–what a helpful site you have here! I’ll definitely be back.

  • Patty Beck

    Their pasta is awesome, I ate it alot while training for my marathon.

  • Linda T

    I just bought a bunch of this. The vendor was having some 40% of sale because they accidentally made a batch of pasta that actually had MORE fiber than the normal stuff.. 22 grams instead of 21. I snatched it up. it is a tad softer than regular pasta and it only needs to cook 7-8 minutes. I am very glad I bought this. I have a ton though so I hope it lasts well!

  • Mona D

    I have used this pasta for some time. It isn’t availabe in my area (northern ND) so I purchase it online. This means I end up with a big supply. I always cook pasta al dente, and that leaves this pasta nice and chewy and delicious. It doesn’t have a strong flavor, but does any pasta? It sure satisfies my craving for pasta and Italian food.

  • 3FC

    You can buy single bag purchases at !

  • kazy

    I’ve tried Fiber Gourmet’s short pasta, penne, elbows and rotini. I can’t tell the difference. They’re firm and substantial textured pasta. However, their fettuccine was a big disappointment. I’m use to eating a firm textured fettuccine. Fiber Gourmet’s fettuccine is thin and limp. I won’t eat a pasta that’s mushy just because it has less calories.