Feel Sexy in a Tankini Swimsuit

A tankini swimsuit is a great suit for any body type when you feel like you want a little extra coverage. A tankini is a two-piece suit that combines a tank top with a bikini bottom to conceal the stomach, but still offers the sexiness of a bikini. However, as with any suit or piece of clothing, a great fit is really what makes the suit. There are a few things to remember when you are looking for your next tankini.

Small bust

You have the luxury of being able to wear a low cut or v-neck suit while still looking like you aren’t trying too hard to look sexy. Shoot for something with ruffles, a pattern or design that makes you notice the suit, not the size of your breasts.  A tankini with a little padding or an underwire is a good idea. It will give your chest a little extra oomph.

Large chest

Look for a tankini with full coverage on top and an underwire for support.  A suit with a scoop neck, rather than a v-neck lends a sexy, athletic look at the beach or pool. A solid color or small printed top will minimize the chest as well.

Pear Shaped

A skirtini–a tankini with a skirt–is an easy way to cover problem thighs, and makes your look a bit more tennis-star-meets-cheerleader.  Surprisingly, the alternative is to go with a high cut thigh opening. That’s right–show more leg to make them look smaller! A longer looking leg will make larger thighs seem slimmer while enhancing your smaller top half.

Tummy Trouble

A tankini is a great choice if you are self-conscious about your middle region. Find a tankini with a top that has ruching, or gathering to one or both sides. This design really hides any tummy bulges that you don’t love. 

Buy Separates

If you have a pear shaped figure, buy a printed or colorful tank with a dark, solid color bottom in brown, navy, black or dark green. That combination will keep the focus up top, instead of on the bottom

Do the reverse for apple shaped figures. If your lower half is your favorite body part, keep the focus down there with some stripes, bright colors, or a floral and a coordinated darkly colored top.

Size it Right

It’s best to try on a number of sizes since swimsuit makers don’t always make sizes that match your regular dress size. Ignore the numbers, and find a suit that fits really well, even if it means that you have to go up a size. 

Stay Confident!

Confidence, in anything you wear, is the ultimate sexy accessory. So do what you need to do to realize how sexy you are. Look for special details that keep the suit modern and that show off your style, like rhinestones, your favorite color, or a cute ruffle, metal buckle or tie. Grab a great pair of shades, a hat that’s fit for a diva or some wedge sandels to make your calves look hot. Then go out and strut your stuff!


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