Feel Better Through the Colon Cleanse Diet

Do you need a colon cleanse diet?  Latest estimates state that over 90% of disease is linked to an unhealthy colon.  Your colon is the only solid waste management organ of your body, and is also the easiest breeding ground for harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites.  Health problems such as frequent headaches, acne, bad breath, arthritis, fatigue, and heart disease can be linked to a congested colon.  When the colon is congested, waste backs up, becomes toxic, and releases toxins from the bowel into the bloodstream.  Doing a detox and eating less foods that are congesting to the colon, lightens the load on every other part of your body.

Benefits of a Colon Cleanse

When you do a colon cleanse diet, you will notice an increase in your energy and a number of other benefits.  You most likely will lose some weight; its a great way to start a new and healthy diet. You will also notice that your thinking is clearer, you don’t have so many aches and pains, your elimination will be regular, and any digestive issues like bloating, gas, or reflux will be eliminated.

Master Cleanse

There are a couple of good ways you can cleanse your colon.  The Master Cleanse is the most famous one, which consists of making “lemonade” with fresh lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and water.  You drink this mixture all through the day, along with as much pure water as you want, for several days.  Many people swear by this diet, and unless you have health issues like diabetes or hypoglycemia, you might consider trying it.

Other Detox Methods

Another way to do a detox, is to eliminate all animal and dairy products from your diet for several days, and try the following:

  • Use a gentle herbal cleansing product according to package directions the night before your “cleanse.”
  • On rising:  Take a fiber product in diluted juice along with 1,000 mg of vitamin C with bioflavonoids.
  • Breakfast:  Drink a glass of superfood green drink or a cup of green tea.
  • Mid-morning:  Cup of green tea or a glass of mixed vegetable juices.
  • Lunch:  Have a salad with fresh vegetables and a dressing of olive oil and lemon juice.
  • Mid-afternoon:  A glass of fresh apple juice or an herbal cleansing tea.
  • Late afternoon:  A glass of mixed vegetable juices.
  • Supper:  A bowl of miso soup with 2 tablespoons of dried sea vegetables (dulse, nori, etc.)
  • Before bed:  Take another dose of the herbal cleansing products you took in the morning.

Follow this protocol for about three days, then ease your way back into a healthy diet by eating steamed vegetables and brown rice for lunch or dinner the first day, and the second day, adding a protein shake for your breakfast. Just keep adding solid food each day until you’ve established a normal diet, which includes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and high-quality protein, such as eggs, fish, nuts, and beans.

These are the elements for a very healthy diet which will keep your digestive tract clean, your elimination regular, and your body healthy and feeling good!


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