Features of a Good Carbohydrate Counter

As anyone who is diabetic, hypoglycemic, or who has ever been on a diet knows, counting carbs can get old pretty quickly. This is where carbohydrate counters can help. A good carbohydrate counter should have these following features.

Food and Beverage Look-up

A comprehensive food and beverage look-up should have a wide array of foods and beverage for you to choose from. It should also take into account the glycemic index (GI). When a calorie counter incorporates and identifies low GI carbs, you will be able to have a better understanding of how carbohydrates affect your body.

Food Journal

A food diary will allow you to better understand your eating habits, which will lead to accountability of your nutrition intake. Maintaining your food journal properly will allow you to take control of your diet.

Weight Loss Calendar

A weight loss calendar will help you to effectively set goals, track your success and maintain a proper balance of carbohydrates.

An efficient carbohydrates counter will allow you to avoid hypoglycemia and many of other health risks that are associated with diabetes and obesity.


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