Fat Burning Training Tips: Cycling Class or Open Road

So you want some fat burning training tips for cycling. You know that bike riding can be a great cardio workout and that it is less stressful on your joints than something like running, but you still aren’t sure if you want to ride on the open road or go to a class at the gym.

Cycling Class

Cycling classes involve being taught by a trained professional who knows what she’s doing and will guide you along on your journey. A cycling class offers the participant the ability to have some control over her own training by using resistance. Spinning is a very popular cycling class.

In a cycling class you can use extra resistance for that extra burn. In a 1-hour class you can burn up to 500 calories.

Spinning classes often have you do interval training. Intervals can increase calorie burn. In a spinning class you alternate standing and sitting while using the bike, which can also help with calorie burn.

Open Road

Riding your bike on the open road can be an enjoyable experience. There are many options for outdoor cycling, like bike trails, parks and along the road.

Bike riding on the open road is also affected by the climate. Sometimes that’s a good thing and sometimes it’s not such a good thing. If there’s a thunderstorm, your planned bike ride may need to be cancelled. If it is a windy day, it can help your bike ride by causing you to work harder to get where you’re going.

On the open road the scenery can motivate you. You can find a trail that has got some hills to make your route more challenging.

Where as in the cycling class you have resistance, on the open road you have gears. And just like raising your resistance helps burn calories, your gears do the same thing. Maintain a speed that is comfortable, yet pushes you on some of those hills.

Be aware that when biking on the open road you may be tempted to coast for part of the bike ride. You’re not doing yourself any good when you are coasting. You need to remember to pedal the entire time.

The Best Choice?

The important thing to keep in mind is to get your heart rate accelerated and keep it accelerated for a 60-minute class or a 60-minute ride on the open road.

Both are great for burning fat. If you ride your bike for 60-minutes a day weather it is a cycling class or if you are riding your bike on the open road, you can burn up to 500-calories.

The decision of taking a class or riding on the open road is really up to the individual. It would depend on what motives you. Outdoor riding can give you scenery, fresh air, and you can take your family. Indoor riding can motivate you because it’s a fun class and gives you time away from the family worries.


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