Eye Therapy: Using Tea Bags for Eyes with Dark Circles

Using tea bags for eyes is an excellent way of reducing puffiness and dark circles. If you drink tea then you will probably have lots of tea bags that you would normally throw away. However, these can be put to good use to make the skin softer and remove the dark circles which are around your eyes. This can instantly make you look much younger.

This is a very easy cure to use because it is possible to do it anywhere with minimal equipment. The only things that you need are teabags and somewhere to lie or sit down.

Choosing Tea Bags

The first thing that you should do is choose the right type of tea bags to use on your dark circles. The tea bags need to include lots of caffeine and tannins. Tea bags will also be full of antioxidants which soothe the skin.

The best tea bags to use are green or black teas. You should avoid using herbal teas as these aren’t normally helpful. You can, however, use chamomile tea bags if your eyes are puffy, as this will provide anti-inflammatory benefits.

Storing the Tea Bags

Used tea bags make the best eye packs. After you have made a cup of tea with the tea bag you can then place it in a plastic container and store it in the fridge. Remember that you will need two tea bags – one for each eye. The bags need to be cold otherwise heat will cause more swelling and puffiness. Cooler temperatures will help to reduce the swelling.

Applying Tea Bags

Just before you are ready to start treating the dark circles you should fetch the two tea bags out of the fridge. Make sure that they are used soon after fetching them out, because otherwise they will become less effective.

Getting Comfortable

For the results to be as effective as possible you must be comfortable. Lie down somewhere that you can relax away from sunlight or bright lights. It’s easier to lie down because the tea bags will stay in place much easier without you needing to tilt your head backwards.

Putting the Tea bags on

Now put the tea bags onto your eyes. They should touch the skin all the way around and completely cover the circles. If you need help with this you might want to ask someone else in your family.

Leave the tea bags on your eyes for at least 10 minutes. Try to relax during this time and have someone else let you know when time is up. Alternatively you could use an alarm clock to do this. Once the tea bags have been used they should then be thrown away. Next time try using new tea bags which are full of lots of antioxidants and caffeine.


Tea bags can be used on a regular basis because they’re a natural treatment which doesn’t contain anything dangerous. You will notice best results if you continue using tea bags on a regular basis. Try to get into a routine where you apply the bags once every week.


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