Exercise through Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is an incredible exercise. It works all of your leg muscles, your torso and your glutes. In addition, it is also a full cardio work out. The greatest thing about this exercise is that you likely won’t notice the work you’re putting your body through, because of the fun factor! Here’s a look at how downhill skiing can give your body a workout:


Skiing may very well be the ultimate lower-body workout. You will use nearly every muscle in your legs to descend the side of a mountain. Your quads and calves will keep you balanced and taut–a necessity in skiing. Your inner-thigh muscles are especially working when skiing, as they are necessary to keep your legs and skis going in the right direction. These movements also work the muscles surrounding you knees and ankles, helping them gain the strength to support movement. Unless you are a veteran and frequent skier, you are guaranteed to feel soreness in your well-used leg muscles after a day on the slopes.


Your backside muscles will also feel a bit sore after a day of skiing. If you’re looking for a way to tone and strengthen your bum you can’t beat skiing. It requires a number of movements, such as skating, turning and slowing, that cause you to flex and extend your glutes. Plus, just as with your legs, glutes are held in a constant state of low tension when skiing. They work to support your crouch and allow you flexibility during turns and other maneuvers. Because of the heavy skis and boots your are wearing, almost all of your frequent leg movements in skiing have to start at your glutes.


To ski successfully, you need to have a solid core. You entire body will need to be able to hold a strong position to ski smoothly, and the central pillar of that position is your torso. Skiing builds your abs as they hold your body erect and balanced though all movements. It builds your obliques as you navigate curves and turns on the slopes. Your back muscle also receive conditioning as they help keep you straight and in good form.


Skiing is great for your heart, lungs, and metabolism. Although not as challenging as cross-country skiing, downhill skiing is more than just effortless gliding down a snowy mountain. Your heart will race as you maneuver to increase and maintain your speed. Trying to achieve higher speeds requires constant labor. It also raises your heart rate into the fat-burning zone and builds muscles to increase metabolism.


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