Exercise for Fitness: 4 Invigorating Dance Moves

When it comes to staying healthy and strong, you will find no comparison for an exercise for fitness than dancing. Dancing encompasses every part of total body fitness and offers a hard workout for people of all fitness levels. Here are 4 dance moves that will invigorate your body, getting your muscles moving and blood flowing.

1. Pirouette

A pirouette is a basic, one-legged turn in ballet and jazz, as well as other dance forms. It utilizes the core muscles in your torso to remain balanced while turning on one leg, keeping your back and neck straight and tall. Pirouettes take strong core muscles to perfect and they work your arms, legs and ankles all at once. Practicing pirouettes daily will strengthen your torso and lower body while toning your arms and increasing your balance.

2. Grapevine

Grapevines are great exercises for fitness and conditioning and are appropriate for strengthening coordination. Because of the quick steps required to complete a full exercise, your heart rate is increased, your leg and torso muscles are heavily worked, and the coordination between your eyes and feet is strengthened.

Balance is essential to complete a grapevine correctly. Each step, whether a side, front or back step, challenges multiple muscle groups in the body, including the quads and abdominals. Grapevines are also great for toning your arms and challenging your control of balance.

3. Freezes

Freezes are dance moves found in hip hop that require a dancer to “freeze” in a position for a prolonged moment. Generally, dancers are frozen in precarious position that are difficult to maintain. For example, one type of freeze requires a dancer to hold his entire body off the ground solely by his hands. The dancer’s legs are frozen in a crossed position in the air. This dance move works specific muscle groups in the arms and torso, but when combined with regular dancing can provide a great amount of strength and cardio training.

4. Time Step

Tap dancing is one of the best dances to engage in to get your heart rate up and your body moving. It is a heavy aerobic workout and builds cardio endurance, while enhancing foot coordination. The time step is a basic tempo-keeping tap step that, when repeated constantly, will invigorate your body and increase your core muscle strength and heart rate. Repeating the time step consistently will leave you breathless and sweaty, ultimately bettering your fitness and health.

Using dance as an exercise for fitness can make a huge difference in the way you view working out. If you find yourself bored with your daily regimen, it may be a good idea to mix in some dance classes to your exercise schedule, or even try these moves on their own. Dance steps such as those listed above are fun and simple to learn, requiring only concentration and dedication to accomplish. Exchanging some of your normal workouts with dance exercises will break up the monotony of your exercise regimen, allowing you to have fun with exercising while learning a new skill at the same time.


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