Exercise Bikes: How Effective Are They for Weight Loss?

Perhaps you’re thinking of dusting off that exercise bike in the garage, or maybe you’re thinking of buying one. Studies show that people who exercise are more inclined to lose weight and keep it off. But, how effective is the exercise bike for weight loss? Is it worth the time you spend sweating out the extra calories you’ve consumed?

Burning Calories – How Much Pedaling Will You Have to Do?

For example, let’s take an average weight of 140 pounds. If you exercise for thirty minutes on the stationary bike, you’ll burn about 225 calories. You’ve just worked off a candy bar and a handful of pretzels!

Here’s another way to look at it. If you cut just 250 calories per day, you’ll lose 10 pounds in a year. So, if you spin for 30 minutes three or four times a week, eating normally, then skip an indulgence or two throughout the rest of the week, you could drop 10 pounds in a year. Sounds easy? It really can be.

Studies show that people who lose weight slowly are more likely to keep it off.

Are Exercise Bikes the Most Effective for Weight Loss?

When it comes to calorie burning, the stationary bike is certainly more effective than walking, but less effective than sprinting. You burn about 180 calories in a 30-minute walk–and about 645 calories in a 30-minute sprint. What might be most important, however, is finding a method of exercise you will stick with. Would you really want to run as fast as you can for 30 minutes three times every week?

Advantages of Using an Exercise Bike:

  • They’re easy to use.
  • You can get your exercise no matter what the weather.
  • Spinning develops leg strength.
  • Low impact, easy on the joints.
  • Great if you’re starting out slightly out of shape.
  • You can get in a few minutes exercise while you’re watching TV.

 Disadvantages of Using an Exercise Bike:

  •  They work only your legs.
  • Spinning can be a little noisy.
  • The routine might get boring.
  • You get less overall aerobic benefit.

The Importance of Exercise

Getting exercise is one of the main factors in getting and staying healthy as well as losing or maintaining weight. According to the National Weight Control Registry–an organization that tracks long-term weight loss success of individuals–94 percent lost weight through increased physical activity.

Are Exercise Bikes Effective for Weight Loss?

In a word: yes. Spinning is a great way to lose weight and there is quite a bit of data on the subject because the exercise bike has been around a long time. A stationary bike provides all of the benefits of riding a bicycle, only without the potential for bad weather. Spinning gives you a cardio workout and it’s easy on the joints. The stationary bike is convenient and can be used any time and you can easily intensify your workout. If you’re using the upright kind, you can stand and spin, or while sitting, you can pump your arms while holding light weights. Since exercise is key to an effective weight loss program, using an exercise bike will definitely help you find that newer, slimmer you. Just add music and stir.



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