Enhancing Calisthenics Routines with Dumbells

Calisthenics are exercises involving the use of one’s body weight for resistance, rather than weights. This type of exercise is great for people that do not have gym equipment at home, nor have a gym membership. To enhance workouts, calisthenics can be combined with dumbbells to provide greater muscular results.

Combining calisthenics with dumbbells or other weights will keep muscles strong and defined. The use of calisthenics and dumbbells is an incredible way to exercise for virtually any fitness goal. Regardless of the workout program, calisthenics routines enhanced with dumbbells is an excellent way to keep muscles in shape. Below is a list of reasons why this combination works so well.

The Variety of Movement with Exercise

Exercise is about movement. It is about moving your body in a variety of ways, using a variety of resistance levels in an efficient manner. Calisthenics and dumbbells are good for training the body to move with weights, or without weighted resistance.

Calisthenics Are a Good Way to Train for Unweighted Activities

Many people think of an exercise regimen as one including a weight-lifting segment, along with a cardiovascular segment. An exercise routine does not have to be so rigid. Not all activities in life fall exclusively into one of these two categories. Calisthenics can strengthen the body to move more efficiently and naturally.

Dumbbells Strengthen the Body for Weighted Activities

Unlike weight machines, dumbbells give complete free range of motion while working out the muscles. Incorporating dumbbells into an exercise routine will strengthen the body to perform functions that involve the movement of a heavy object. In addition, calisthenics and dumbbells provide the body with a complete workout that will make relevant improvements for real life.

Applying Dumbbells to a Calisthenics Workout

One of the best ways to incorporate dumbbells into a calisthenics exercise routine is to perform a calisthenics exercise just before, or just after, a dumbbell routine. This will maximize the muscle’s activity and efficiency by burning them out.

For example, just before performing a bench-press exercise using dumbbells, start off by doing slow push-ups. Perform as many push-ups as possible until the muscles are exhausted. Then, begin bench-pressing using dumbbells. Finish off by performing a number of slow push-ups again to completely exhaust the arm and chest muscles. This will promote muscle growth, strength and endurance like no other workout can provide.

When working the legs, begin the exercise by maintaining a squat position, where your thighs are parallel to the floor. Hold this position for as long as possible. Then, begin weighted squats with dumbbells by lowering your body slowly toward the floor, then back up. End off the exercise by performing the static squat position again to fully exhaust your leg muscles. Other examples of calisthenics and dumbbell combinations can include:

  • Bicep curls with dumbbells and chin-ups
  • Calf raises with dumbbells and static toe lifts
  • Tricep extensions with dumbbells and dips
  • Abdominal crunches with dumbbells and without

Combining calisthenics with dumbbells is a great way to train your body to move in weighted and unweighted situations. It will work the muscle much deeper, and provide the body with a exhaustive workout. Not only will this combination strengthen the muscles, but it will provide a more defined look as well.


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