Endurance Training for Ultra Cycling

Quite a bit of endurance training is necessary to participate in the sport of ultra cycling. The sport requires cyclists to ride for longer distances and harsher climbs. Because of this, ultra cyclists have a rigorous training schedule, and most who take part in ultra cycling events monitor their nutrition on a daily basis.

Training For an Event

There are many reasons to implement a training schedule when taking park in ultra cycling events. Even as a hobby, ultra cycling is taxing on the body and you can cause yourself physical harm if your body is unprepared for the trek. Like any other sport, training can improve your time and is advised if you are getting ready for an event. There are different degrees of training as well, and when building your training routine you should keep your limitations in mind. Always monitor your body while you’re training–the routine could prove to be too much and cause injury.

A good endurance training program will gradually increase the amount of effort taken to accomplish various tasks over time. Sessions will also become longer as time progresses. It will also hold more than one type of exercise, meaning that it will vary from long distance to speed workouts as well as exercises that will allow for recovery time.

Monitor Yourself

It is always best to monitor yourself, whether cycling in an event or just training. The best way to find out how well your training program is working is to measure your heart rate. There are many reliable monitoring devices available. There are more expensive models that have additional features, including the ability to measure speed and distance. Most of these monitors can also be used for running.


There are many ultra cycling events that anyone can participate in that take place all over the world:

  • Tour de Lancaster Junior and Adult Challenge
  • Race Across America
  • Sri Chinmoy 3100 Mile Race
  • Music City Double
  • Hoodoo 500

Ultra Cycling is a great way to stay in shape and there are many events you can join into. If competing seems too strict for you, there are also many places that you can cycle freely. Just look for a location with a trail and start riding.


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