Emotional Freedom Technique: What is it and How Can It Help You

The goal of Emotion Freedom Technique (EFT) is to reduce the impact of psychological and emotional problems. It accomplishes this without talk therapy or any invasive procedures. You simply tap on different parts of your body while repeating phrases that are relevant to your specific problem or issue.

What Is Emotional Freedom Technique?

Emotional Freedom Technique is an alternate form of psychotherapy that is rooted in a variety of disciplines, some of which date back thousands of years. EFT founder, Gary Craig, combined elements of acupuncture, applied kinesiology and Thought Field Therapy (TFT) to form EFT. EFT proponents use this technique to help manage pain, treat addictions, accelerate weight loss, overcome phobias and remove a range of negative and debilitating conditions such as depression, anxiety and panic attacks.

The Research on Emotional Freedom Technique

Many studies have measured the effectiveness and impact of Emotional Freedom Technique. One study looked closely at whether self implementation of EFT by health care workers would relieve their symptoms of pain, cravings and emotional distress. These symptoms were measured before and two hours after the EFT implementation.

The findings were positive and significant. In the post-test, improvements were found in relation to all tested symptoms. These results were maintained in the 90-day follow-up. The more the health care workers used EFT on themselves after the intervention, the less severe the symptoms became across time.

Using Emotional Freedom Technique

When you watch someone perform Emotional Freedom Technique, the tapping and repetition of statements may appear strange or out of the ordinary. The idea is that while you tap on acupuncture meridian points throughout your body while making specific statements related to your emotional issues, you will help to clear out any negative energy associated with that statement. Your memory of the issue or the event will remain, but you will no longer experience a strong or debilitating charge related to it.

How Emotional Freedom Technique Can Help You

The list of issues and ailments remedied by Emotional Freedom Technique is long. To determine if Emotional Freedom Technique can help you, you would start by learning a basic sequence of movements that include tapping on specific parts of your head, face, upper torso and hand. You would then choose a statement that pertains to a particular issue or condition that you are working through.

For example, if you are struggling with guilt related to losing your temper, your statement may be, “Even though I lose my temper, I deeply and truly accept myself as I am.” The repetition of this statement is coupled with tapping on meridian points, followed at the end by a self-assessment where you check in with yourself to see if the negative charge related to guilt has cleared from your system.

Emotional Freedom Technique is easy to learn and to self-administer. There are many free resources on the Internet outlining the technique in a step-by-step fashion. It is a harmless technique that works for some people. The best way to gauge its effectiveness is to try it to see if it relieves your symptoms or issues.


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