Eliminate Unwanted Body Fat With Diet Changes

The best way to lower your body fat is with diet changes. The changes you make should concentrate on better eating habits, lowering your cholesterol levels and making better informed decisions. However, you may need to change your lifestyle habits, as well.

Change #1: Cut Back On Calories

It may sound simple that you can lower your body fat by diet changes that allow you to cut back on your calories. It can be this simple. Most people will try to count their calories when dieting, and they allow themselves to eat 1,200 calories to 1,400 calories a day. Remember to lose weight, you must burn more calories a day than you put into your body.

However, remember it isn’t all about the number of calories you eat. If eat empty calories (such as a lot of candy, cookies, and processed foods) and still maintain a set number of calories per day, you are still eating unhealthy and you are probably hungry most of the time.

Change #2: Cut Back On Unhealthy Fats

Unhealthy fats are the fats that are found in most candies, cookies, some baked goods, and most processed foods. These fats are the kind that can help make you overweight. You need to cut back on these to remain healthy and to have energy. You definitely need to cut back on these unhealthy fats when you are trying to lower your body fat by diet changes. Replace these unwanted fats with healthy fruits, vegetables and filling foods such as those that are high in fiber (oats, bran, etc.).

Change #3: Exercise Regularly

To lose body fat, diet changes are not enough to do the job. You need to add regular exercise to your routine. Ideally, you should exercise three times a week doing aerobic activity and another three times a week doing strengthening and weight bearing exercises. Exercise is what will help you burn calories. Burning calories means you will lose weight (if you do not replace these calories back into your body by the acts of eating and drinking too much).

When doing strength training exercises, concentrate on all parts of your body, not just the areas that bothers you the most. For instance, if your abdominal body fat bothers you, than by all means, do some core strengthening exercises. In fact, we all should be doing these to strengthen our core muscles, which will help our overall strength and our backs. However, do not forget to do exercises that will strengthen your legs.

Change #4: Keep an Activity Log and Food Journal

Many people who are trying to lose body fat through diet changes have found that keeping two types of journals, or a combination journal, has been a vital tool. These journals are an activity log and a food journal. An activity log is one in which you keep track of your daily exercises, the amount you do and the intensity of each type. You may even write daily, weekly or monthly activity goals in this journal. A food journal is a journal in which you keep an ongoing daily log of everything you eat and drink.

The activity log is a tool that helps motivates you and charts your progress. The food journal may help you avoid temptation.

Of course, the main change that will help you on your quest to losing body fat is your mental state. If you tell yourself that this time you will meet your goal, you will have a better chance for success.





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