Eight Benefits of Echinacea Tea

Echinacea tea is used as a traditional herbal treatment for relieving ailments from immune system problems. The herbal tea has a history of being used for hundreds of years by American Indians to fight colds, flus and infections. The echinacea plant itself from which the tea is derived can grow up to two or three feet in height and the flowers that bloom from it can be anywhere from a whitish rose color to a soft purple hue. There are many benefits that can be found from the use of this herbal tea. It has shown many favorable medical effects as well.

The Benefits of Drinking Echinacea Tea

  • The possibility that it could have antitumor properties has been studied, and though no conclusive evidence has been found regarding the matter it is thought to be true.
  • Studies have shown that drinking the herb can shorten the span of time that it normally takes to recover from the common cold. Testing proved that it can shorten recovery time by an average of 1.4 days.
  • As well as colds, echinacea tea has been reported to help enhance immunity against coughs and flus as well as other upper respiratory ailments. It stimulates your immune system and activates T-cell renewal.
  • The herb can be used to lower swollen or enlarged glands and help soothe a sore throat when ingested.
  • Urinary tract infections and other minor infections can be relieved by drinking this formula.
  • There is the possibility that if taken properly, echinacea tea can be used with other treatments to combat herpes and candida. The herb has been known to help white blood cells fight disease and germs, causing the effects of certain ailments to lower in intensity.
  • Echinacea herbal tea can also be used as a topical treatment, and has been found to aid in the healing of skin problems as well. This can include anything from ance, eczema, inflammations and irritations to sometimes painful boils.
  • Drinking echinacea tea has also been shown to help assist in healing of joint disorders as well as muscle problems.

An Echinacea Disclaimer

Though this herb has been known to have many health benefits and can provide a much needed boost to most people, there are times when taking this herb is not recommended. People with immune system diseases, such as HIV or AIDS, tuberculosis or multiple sclerosis, should not take any form of echinacea without consulting a physician first. Some research has shown that if taken, echinacea can actually irritate these kinds of diseases, making the symptoms and outbreaks worse than before taking the herb.

Though there are a few potentially negative side effects to echinacea tea usage, the positive side effects may surpass the deficiencies. Always ask your doctor before you drastically change your diet in any way, such as adding this herbal tea to your daily menu. Echineacea teas can be found at a variety of places, including health food stores and grocery stores.


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