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Taking effective diet pills to rid yourself of excess weight may seem like a quick fix solution, however, you must keep in mind that these pills can prove to be harmful in the long run. This is not to say that all diet pills are harmful; there are some diet pills you can trust. As a general rule, the diet pill should never be taken for cosmetic purposes. You should take diet pills only if you suffer from clinical obesity. Moreover, these pills should always be taken in consultation with your health care provider.

You must proceed with extreme caution while taking diet pills, for some of them can have dangerous side effects, even in a person who is not suffering from any disease or ailment. As a ground rule, you can trust a diet pill that has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or has been recommended by your physician.

Most FDA-approved weight loss supplements are approved for short-term use, meaning the pills are prescribed for a few weeks. However, doctors may prescribe them for longer periods of time. The FDA has approved only two medications, Sibutramine and Orlistat, for long term use for patients who are significantly obese.

Some of the diet pills that you can trust are those that contain the following substances.

Appetite Suppressants

Most appetite-suppressants are approved by the FDA. These include phentermine, phendimetrazine, sibutramine and diethylpropion. As the name suggests, diet pills containing appetite-suppressant substances promote weight loss by decreasing appetite, or, alternatively by promoting a feeling of being full.

Lipase Inhibitors

These diet pills contain substances that reduce the body’s ability to absorb dietary fat by blocking the enzyme lipase. This enzyme is responsible for breaking down dietary fat. The body cannot absorb fat which is not broken down, and as a result, it is eliminated from the body. Less absorption of fat by the body means fewer calories are taken in.


Caffeine can prove effective in reducing weight by increasing slightly the metabolism rate of the body. Besides, it can also decrease appetite. Caffeine-containing substances used in diet pills include yerba mate, gotu kola, white willow bark, cocoa extract and guarana.

Green Tea

There is enough research to back the fact that green tea can not only help control weight, but can also decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease. Drinking 4 to 8 cups of green tea will not only help decrease appetite, but will also increase metabolism. Green tea also contains the substance caffeine and so if you are sensitive to it, you can look for decaffeinated green tea. However, if you are taking aspirin or some anticoagulant medicine, you must check with your doctor before taking green tea because it can interfere with the blood clotting process.

All being said, the best way to lose weight is by exercise and diet control. Diet pills should be a last resort and should be taken in consultation with your health care provider. Some of these diet pills can have side effects such as nausea, an increase in heart rate, and a headache, among others, and if you detect any such symptom, you must consult your physician immediately.


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