Eating Lunch at the Office? Tips for Keeping it Healthy

If you’re like most people who work out of the house then you probably have lunch at the office. Eating out at restaurants everyday can be convenient but it can also amount to large expenses that can eat a big chunk out of your budget. Aside from this, eating out can make it challenging for you to eat healthily because you are not in charge of your meal. Here are some tips to help you eat a healthy lunch at the office.

The Health Benefits of Packing a Lunch

You probably refrain from bringing lunch to work because preparing a packed lunch is simply too time-consuming and inconvenient. However, there are some health benefits of a packed lunch that make it worth the extra time and effort. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight then eating in restaurants every office lunch break may make it hard for you to shed off the extra pounds. This is because restaurants and fast foods often provide large servings of foods. This makes it easy for you to keep eating even after you are full. Many restaurant meals also serve fattening extras along with their main dishes. For instance, sandwiches usually come with a serving of French fries. When you pack your own lunch, you can eliminate these extras or opt for healthier side dishes. You can also control the amount of food you will eat.

Making a Sandwich

A sandwich is one of the most popular choices that you can try when you want to pack a lunch for the office. Not only is it filling and delicious but it is also quite easy to prepare. To make sure that your sandwich is healthy, use whole-grain bread, lean meats and plenty of vegetables for your sandwich. One delicious sandwich idea would be a tuna melt sandwich. Start preparation by preheating your broiler. On a medium-sized bowl, combine drained tuna, minced shallot, ground pepper, salt, minced parsley, lemon juice and hot sauce. Prepare two slices of toast and spread them with about 1/4 cup of the mixture you prepared. Once the tuna mixture is on the bread, top it off with shredded Cheddar cheese and tomato slices. Place the toast slices in a baking sheet and put them in the broiler. Broil the sandwich until the cheese reaches a golden brown color and starts to bubble. You can refrigerate the remaining tuna mixture to make more sandwiches in the next couple of days.

Leftovers for Lunch

Packing leftovers to bring for lunch is another good idea if you don’t have the time to prepare your lunch in the morning. When preparing your dinner the night before, try to make some extra food so you can have something to pack the next morning. You can place the leftovers in a microwavable container so you simply heat them up in the office. You can also try cooking large portions of food during the weekend. You can then refrigerate or freeze the food in individual portions so you can easily bring single servings to work.


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