Eat This, Not That Diet

The Eat This, Not That diet is not so much a diet as it is a series of books on food. These books were created by the experts from Men’s Health magazine.

The Premise

Eat This, Not That is not a traditional diet when compared to all the other diets out there. Each book contains different subject matter, teaching you how to eat out or grocery shop. Two different meals or foods items are compared and the better option is revealed. By changing up your eating habits and opting for an option with a lower calorie count, weight will be lost.

The Diet

As this is not a true diet according to the definition of the word, there is no strict plan to follow or certain food items that need to be eaten. With this plan, there are different books that will show you many different options available, and you will then educate yourself on ideal food choices. The books will list two similar dishes from the same restaurant or food category. The nutritional information for both will be listed to reveal the contents of each item. One item will be the less preferred choice, and the other item will be the better choice. 

What to Get Excited Over

A definite plus to using these books is that nothing truly has to be given up. You can eat at your same favorite restaurants, you can still visit your favorite fast food places, and you can still shop at your favorite grocery stores. Another plus is that options will be given as to what is a better choice when at a restaurant or shopping at the grocery store. These books will be teaching tools, helping you make better food choices.

Things to Consider

One of the downsides of these books is that they list many food choices and say which one is the better option. The caloric difference may not be a huge difference. Also, this diet is not a strict diet, which gives a lot of freedom to what can be eaten. This may leave some dieters feeling lost.


Since this is a series of books on food and not a strict diet program, this is not the diet for someone who needs to follow a strict plan to lose weight. Foods will be listed as better options, but these may not be the best option overall for certain dieters. For someone who needs to lose a lot of weight, these books may not be a good option.

The kind of dieter that would benefit the most from these books is a person who does not have a lot of weight to lose, and someone who is looking to make better choices when eating out at restaurants and preparing food at home.


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