Eat Shrink and Be Merry by Janet & Greta Podleski

Two sisters became self published, best selling authors in the 90’s with their fun cookbook Looneyspoons – a funny look at low fat cooking. One of the Podleski sisters is an avid cook and nutritionist, and the other a writer. Between the two of them, they’ve produced the punniest diet cookbooks on the shelf – their latest, being Eat, Shrink & Be Merry. This book, however, focuses more on good fats, rather than low fat. Fiber is an important key in their creations, as well as getting a balanced plate of carbs, fat and protein.

We’ve always been advocates of finding the lighter side of a diet, so we love it that laughs are guaranteed on every page. No boring sections like ‘appetizers’, ‘poultry’ or ‘desserts’. They have names like Hey Hey We’re The Munchies, Don’t Have a Cow, Man! (vegetarian entrees!) and A Sweet Carb Named Desire. Funny jokes aside, these recipes rock. Every page has something tasty to try, and the book is loaded with variety. You don’t need to have serious cooking skills – most of the recipes are easy enough for a teenager to cook, but all are good enough that you can serve them to guests, and even more importantly, let you eat, shrink, and be merry!

A few of our favorites – Hakuna Frittata, full of tasty veggies and only 141 calories a serving. The Gift of Crab – 95 calories and delicious, easy to make crab cakes. And we also love Fromage a Trois – a better veggie lasagna than any frozen diet dinner we’ll ever eat. And the best looking one, which we haven’t tried yet, is the lone recipe in the last section, titled “You’re Gonna Die Anyway.” We’ll save that surprise for your own personal enjoyment behind closed doors. Be strong.

We only have one downer about the whole book, and that is that there are a few references to low fat items that we just don’t care for. Low fat ranch dressing and low fat cream cheese are both loaded with chemicals – the ingredient lists on these products are atrocious, and personally, we’d rather have a little of the real thing than a whole lot of chemicals. And low fat mayo – well, just go to our forum and search on the word ‘dookie’ to see how we feel about that ingredient! With that said, we’d like to mention that we know first hand how hard it is to create a low calorie recipes that you can eat without feeling deprived, and even with a few low fat products, they’ve presented us a batch of recipes healthier than what most non-dieters eat.

Greta and Janet have really done their homework. They’ve included exercise tips, nutrition information, data on the effects of obesity on the body, plus fun trivia, all sandwiched in between each recipe. It’s evident that they have put a lot of research and hard work into creating a delicious and informative book that will give us plenty of knowledge, and little room for excuses, when it comes down to the nitty gritty of dieting.

To learn more or to purchase the book, visit Eat Shrink and Be Merry


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