Eat Like a Female Fitness Model

What woman wouldn’t want the body of a female fitness model?  Surprisingly, you probably wouldn’t mind their diets either! You’d think that a female fitness model rarely eats, and when they do, they are counting each flax seed that they add to their protein shake, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth! Most fitness models state that they have done much trial and error in working with what diet works best for them, however, a few themes seem to carry through each girl: eating lean and budgeting calories!  Most of them even–get this–CHEAT! Move over restrictive diets–here is a diet that we can all get fit with!

Eat Lean

Many fitness models claim that they use a 40% protein and 30% each carbohydrate and fat diet.  However, the key is lean meals and “good” fats.  In other words, that 30% fat should be from the drizzle of olive oil used to cook in the pan, from what is in your chicken breast, lower fat cheese, etc.  The key is to incorporate as many veggies as you can with lean protein.  So forget about that misconception about these ladies…they DO eat carbs–only their carbs come from veggies, fruits, and whole grains like oatmeal.

When you are choosing your proteins, choose lean meats like chicken breasts, lean beef and fish. Grill any of those, rubbed with a little minced garlic, and slice 4 ounces on a salad. Ditch the salad dressing and drizzle it with a little balsamic or red wine vinegar for some major flavor!

Budget for Success

Just like you’d budget your money for the month, budgeting daily calories is key to your success.  This is the fitness model version of the ‘cheat’.  If you know you will be eating pizza, have a salad first, and budget that pizza into your daily calorie consumption.  By eating those things that you love once in a while, you are less likely to go hog wild on a baguette before you even get out of the store one day. Plan to have a cheat treat one time a week…go out for ice cream, order dessert, or snack on a small bag of chips.

Whatever does it for you, just keep it to once a week!  Don’t make the mistake of cheating every day! Be sure to work in a few extra training minutes when you know you have a date with a piece of cheesecake coming up!

Educate Yourself

To figure out your calorie intake, take the time to journal your calorie intake for a week. Include EVERYTHING, from the sample at the local wharehouse store to the handful of cereal that you grab from the box.  A little cream here, a little sugar there, and those calories sure add up!  Try using a calorie counter to figure out the number of calories that you need, based on your height, weight, and activity level, and find places to cut.  Grab some measuring spoons and cups and get those portions straight, as well. You’d be surprised how much that can help!

The Bottom Line

Fitness Models don’t do anything that is out of the ordinary, they are just smart about how they eat!  Teach yourself what works for you and get ready for YOUR competition!


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