Dumbbell Exercises: Single Leg Dumbbell Press on Bosu

A Bosu is a great option for anyone looking to mix up their workout plan. The Bosu is akin to a portion of an exercise ball that has been cut off and attached to a flat surface. This makes it portable and easy to incorporate into a lot of different exercises.

As you tire of doing the same workouts and exercises, you can begin to use the Bosu to add an element of balance that you may not have had to deal with previously. This is especially true of an exercise like the single leg dumbbell press. This exercise is already based on balance, so having to do it on a Bosu is a difficult and advanced level exercise. Doing this, you’ll work not only your leg muscles like your hamstrings, but also your triceps, biceps and shoulder muscles.

Single Leg Dumbbell Press on a Bosu

It’s generally best to practice this exercise without using a Bosu first, so that you can begin to feel comfortable with it. The basics of the exercise involve the dumbbell press. This is done with a dumbbell in each hand. Hold the dumbbells up even with your head so that your arms are by your sides and your elbows are fully bent. Your palms should be facing inward. Slowly push the dumbbells straight up. As you do so, rotate both palms slightly out so that by the time the dumbbells have reached their highest point, your palms are facing forward. Carefully and slowly bring the dumbbells back to the resting position.

Once you’re comfortable with the basic exercise, do it on a single leg by holding one leg off of the ground. Once you’re completely comfortable with that version, then stand with that one leg on the Bosu as well.

Safety and Injury Prevention

This exercise can be quite dangerous if done by inexperienced people. It’s necessary that you have a spotter with you in order to ensure that you don’t accidentally drop one or both of the dumbbells, because this can cause severe injury if they happen to fall on you as you’re working.

Additionally, there is the added risk of losing your balance while on the Bosu and falling. Because of this, it’s best to move slowly and cautiously at first, and only incorporate the Bosu into your training when you’re completely comfortable with the standard single leg dumbbell press.


Because this exercise is one of the more difficult variations on the dumbbell press, it’s hard to find a way to make it more challenging. What you can do is to incorporate a dumbbell curl into the exercise as well. In this situation, the dumbbells start at your waist and you curl them up to your shoulders before doing the press and then returning them to your waist. This works the biceps and pectorals more, and adds another element.


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