Dumbbell Exercises: Overhead Tricep Extension

The triceps are a troublesome spot that can be very difficult to tone and strengthen. The overhead tricep extension is a great exercise that is guaranteed to provide you with the results you’re looking for. Be sure to choose a weight that is not too heavy in order to prevent injury or accident.

The Overhead Tricep Extension

As the name suggests, the overhead tricep extension can be used to strengthen the triceps muscles, which are located on the back of the upper arm. Toning this trouble spot not only makes you look great and allows you to lift, carry and pull heavy objects with greater ease, but also helps to prevent weight gain by increasing your metabolic rate. For best results with this exercise, be sure to perform an even number of repetitions with both arms.

Performing the Overhead Tricep Extension

To perform this exercise properly, start by selecting a dumbbell that is the correct weight for you. For most beginning exercisers, a 5- to 10-pound dumbbell will do. Start by holding the dumbbell in your left arm. Extend your arm overhead, with the dumbbell reaching towards the sky. Slowly bend your elbow, and allow the dumbbell to come back towards the ground. Ideally, the dumbbell should touch your body on or near your upper shoulder blade. Exhale deeply, and extend the arm and dumbbell back to the sky. During this exercise, your upper arm should remain relatively stable, with your forearm doing most of the work. Do a set of 10 repetitions of the exercise, and switch the dumbbell to your other hand. Do 10 repetitions, take a short break, and do another set of the exercise with both arms.

Increasing the Intensity of the Overhead Tricep Extension

A great way to increase the intensity of the overhead tricep extension is by extending one leg out in front of your body. This not only forces you to engage the muscles of your leg, but also requires you to activate your core muscles in order to help you maintain balance. Be sure that there is no exercise equipment around that you could possibly stumble on when performing this exercise.

Follow Safety Precautions during the Overhead Tricep Extension

As with any new exercise, it is important to use care and caution when performing the overhead tricep extension. For best results, watch yourself in a mirror in order to ensure that you’re following the form described above. If you don’t have a mirror available in your exercise area, ask a friend or fellow gym member if they could keep an eye on you. They will most likely be more than willing to lend a helping hand.


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