Dumbbell Exercises: Lateral Shuffle Side Raise on Bosu

The lateral shuffle side raise on a Bosu is one of the dumbbell exercises that is especially effective if you are looking for a total body workout to help you cut down on the amount of time you spend in the gym. Start by choosing a set of light dumbbells and a Bosu in order to achieve optimal results when it comes to the performance of this exercise.

Lateral Shuffle Side Raise on a Bosu

As with any new strength training exercise, it is important to understand a bit about the lateral shuffle side raise on Bosu before determining whether or not it is right for your current routine. The lateral shuffle side raise on a Bosu is a total body exercise that not only increases muscle mass in the shoulders and triceps, but also helps to strengthen the core muscles (including the abdominals, obliques and muscles of the lower back), and can even help to improve the status of your cardiovacsular system.

Positioning Your Body

Before performing the lateral shuffle side raise on Bosu, you must first position both your equipment and your body properly. Start by finding a Bosu, and place it in an area that is free from other pieces of exercise equipment. Hold a light dumbbell in each hand, and stand approximately two to three feet away from the Bosu. Rotate so that the right side of your body is facing the Bosu. Stand tall, with your feet planted firmly under your body, and your arms hanging at your sides.

Performing the Lateral Shuffle Side Raise on Bosu

Now that you are positioned correctly, you can perform the exercise. Start by inhaling and exhaling deeply. As you exhale, carefully perform a lateral side step onto the top of the Bosu, leading with your right foot. At the same time, use the muscles in your shoulders to raise your arms out to the sides, ending at shoulder height. Bring your left foot off the ground, and tap it gently on top of the Bosu. Now, as your inhale, step your left foot back to the ground. Lower your arms back to their original position, and step your right foot back down to meet your left. Continue performing this exercise until you have stepped on and off the Bosu 10 times. Rotate your body, and perform the same exercise, this time leading with your left foot. Take a short break, and do another set of 10 repetitions of the exercise, leading with both legs.

Increasing the Intensity

One easy way to make this exercise more challenging is simpy to increase the speed at which you perform the lateral shuffles. This will not only make your heart have to work harder, but will also give your muscles less time to recuperate between repetitions of the exercise.


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