Dumbbell Exercises: Front Dumbbell Shoulder Raises

The front dumbbell shoulder raise is a great exercise that can be included in the routine of any exerciser, regardless of your strength or experience level. In order to ensure proper form and prevent injury, be sure to select weights that are appropriately sized. Remember that it is always better to start with light weights and build your way up, than to choose weights which are too heavy and risk possible injury.

The Front Dumbbell Shoulder Raise

Before attempting to perform the front dumbbell shoulder raise, it is important for any good exerciser to understand why the exercise should be included as part of your regular routine. As the name suggests, the front dumbbell shoulder raise helps to strengthen and tone the shoulder muscles. Strengthening these muscles is important not only to help improve your ability to perform activities of daily life, but also provides a muscular definition that is difficult to get with other strength training exercises. Finally, increasing muscle mass can contribute to benefits in weight loss and maintenance.

Properly Performing the Exercise

Now that you have a basic understanding of the background of the exercise, you should feel free to perform the maneuver. Start by selecting a set of dumbbells that is a relatively light weight. In comparison to other muscle groups in your body, the shoulder is a relatively small muscle group, and therefore can not lift a whole lot of weight. Hold the dumbbells in your hands, and relax your arms in front of you body with your hands on or near your thighs. Inhale and exhale deeply for a few seconds. During exhalation, bring your arms up and straight in front of your body, until they reach shoulder height. At this point, being inhalation, and drop your arms back down to your thighs. Repeat this until you have performed ten repetitions of the exercise. Take a short break, and do another set of ten repetitions in order to achieve the best results.

Preventing Injury

As described above, one of the most important ways to prevent injury while performing this exercise is to choose weights that are appropriately sized. In addition, it is important to use proper form when performing the raise. You can ensure proper form in two specific ways. First, you can do the exercise in front of a mirror, watching your form, or if you don’t prefer this method, you can ask a spotter to watch and critic your performance of the exercise. Though you may be embarrassed at first to ask for help from a spotter, this technique is typically more helpful. It allows you to focus on the exercise, while someone else can keep an eye on your form. As a gym employee or fellow exerciser if they would mind spotting you while you perform the exercise. Typically, they will be more than willing to assist.



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