Dumbbell Exercises: Dumbbell Ball Squat

The stability ball has been rising in popularity through the years, and one way you can incorporate one into your workout routine is through the dumbbell ball squat. This is a simple exercise, and all you need to complete this exercise is a set of dumbbells and an exercise ball. It can be done by anyone and is inexpensive because of its lack of need for expensive equipment.

Dumbbell Ball Squats

  • Step 1: Grab your dumbbells and place an exercise ball against your back and lean against a wall. Move your legs away from the wall slowly while being careful to not lose the ball, leaving them anywhere from one to one and a half feet apart from each other in front of your hips. Keep your abs tight as you go through all the different steps of your squats; it enhances and completes the exercise.
  • Step 2: Hold your dumbbells, bending your elbows in a 90 degree angle with your arms pointing towards the ceiling. Exhale as you slide down, bringing the ball down the wall with you. Be careful with how hard you press against the ball so you do not drop it, and keep the amount of pressure the same as you execute your squats. Bend your knees at a ninety degree angle and pause. The pause only needs to last for a few seconds.
  • Step 3: Exhale slowly as you stand back up. Keep your arms bent at your sides and keep a firm hold on the dumbbells, as well as keeping the same amount of pressure on the ball as you had maintained this entire time.
  • Step 4: Allow yourself a short pause of a few seconds and then repeat the process over again. This should be done 20 times.

Heightening the Exercise

In order to give yourself more of a challenge, you can do more than one rep, though no more than 10 reps is needed for this exercise. Carrying heavier dumbbells in your hands will also create more of a challenge, though you should never use too much weight. You can also add more squats per rep, increasing your workout challenge.


Using too much weight can be dangerous. Another risk is falling, so be sure the floors are not slick or slippery. Only use an amount of weight that you are comfortable with and can hold for a prolonged period of time without the risk of dropping them or hurting yourself. Too much weight can cause muscle strain.

Affected Muscles

This exercise works your thigh flexors and glutes, helping tone and strengthen your legs and glutes. Holding your abs tightly will add in a workout for your abs as well.

Simple dumbbell ball squat exercises are simple and cheap to perform. You don’t need any expensive equipment. This exercise can be done by anybody and is easy to involve into your exsisting exercise routine. It doesn’t take long to perform and isn’t hard. Even inexperienced exercisers can do dumbbell ball squats.


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