Dumbbell Exercises: Bosu Side Plank with Shoulder Raise

The Bosu is a great tool for people looking to get some additional exercise in at home. A Bosu is essentially a portion of an exercise ball that has been affixed to a flat surface. This makes it easy to transport and versatile for a number of different exercises. Using a Bosu and a dumbbell to complete the Bosu side plank with shoulder raise, you can strengthen your arm muscles, shoulder muscles and core.

The Bosu side plank is a versatile activity that has a number of applications which you can use to help promote additional muscle development as you do it. Read on for a brief overview of one of the most common: the Bosu side plank with a shoulder raise added in.

Exercise Basics

The basic position for this exercise involves you laying on your side and supported by the Bosu. Lay the Bosu in a flat, open area and rest on your right side. Your right elbow should be resting on the Bosu with your arm down. Your right hip and right foot should be in contact with the floor. In your left hand, hold a dumbbell of the appropriate weight with your elbow bent so that the dumbbell is close in to your left shoulder. This is the basic position for the Bosu side plank.

To execute the exercise itself, raise yourself up on your elbow. The only points of contact should be your right foot on the ground and your right elbow on the Bosu. Steady yourself here, and then slowly lift your left arm up and extend your left elbow until the dumbbell is as far up in the air as you can comfortably lift it. Slowly lower the dumbbell back to your shoulder while remaining in the plank position. This is one repetition of the exercise; further repetitions should be done while still in the plank position.

Safety and Injury Prevention

As with any other exercise in which you’re lifting a dumbbell above you, be very careful to have a firm grip on the weight so that you don’t drop it. Begin by using light weights and gradually increase your total dumbbell weight as you get more comfortable with your balance and strength. Attempt to spread your weight evenly between your right arm and your right foot, because this will help you to avoid injury as well.


In truth, the Bosu side plank with shoulder raise is a modification of a standard shoulder raise and a regular side plank. For the full benefits of this exercise, be sure to do sets of repetitions using one arm to lift up the dumbbell, then flip over and rest on your other side so that you can do repetitions with the other arm. Slow down and hold the dumbbell up for as long as possible for maximum benefit.


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