Dumbbell Exercises: Bosu Side Plank Shoulder Press

A bosu is a great tool to keep around the house if you plan to do general exercises. Shaped like the top part of an exercise ball that has been cut off from the rest of the equipment and attached to a flat base, a bosu incorporates challenges like balance into the standard type of exercise plan that you’ll do with basic maneuvers.

In terms of exercises that provide you with a great mixture of different muscle work, the bosu side plank shoulder press is a great one. This exercise combines the intense core work of the bosu side plank with the upper body and shoulder work of the shoulder press. The exercise is generally considered to be on the intermediate or the advanced side, so it’s best to avoid this particular maneuver unless you’re comfortable using a bosu.

Exercise Basics

In order to start this exercise, you’ll first need to assume the basic position. Place the bosu in the middle of an open area and lie down on one side next to it. You should support yourself with your right elbow and position your body so that your right foot is resting on the bosu with your left foot on top of it. While resting on your right side, pick up the dumbbell with your left hand and hold it next to your left ear. When you’re ready to begin the exercise, breathe deeply and lift up your hips off of the floor. The only points of contact should be your right foot on the bosu and your right elbow on the floor.

To execute the exercise, push the dumbbell over your head and away from the bosu. Keep it moving parallel to the floor. Move it slowly back into the neutral position next to your ear in order to finish executing this maneuver.

Safety and Injury Prevention

Due to the difficult nature of the bosu side plank with shoulder press, it’s a good idea to only attempt this exercise when you’ve already had practice doing the side plank. Next, incorporate in the bosu. When you’re fully comfortable with this piece of equipment, add in the dumbbell as well. Be sure not to drop the dumbbell as you work, and refrain from moving too quickly as this can cause you to strain your back or side muscles as well.


This exercise is already a modified version of a basic exercise (the side plank). If you want to enhance it further, however, you can do so by adjusting the dumbbell motion. Before you include the shoulder press, do a side lift with the dumbbell, moving it in a half rainbow motion to raise it above your abdomen. This will work the triceps and biceps as well as the shoulder, providing you with a more complete workout in total. After you’ve done this, you can continue with the shoulder press.


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