Dumbbell Exercises: Bosu Side Plank Fly

Using a Bosu at home can help to enhance your fitness regimen considerably. For those people who have grown tired of the standard exercises, a Bosu is a great purchase to make. It is similar in many ways to a medicine ball that has had the bottom portion removed and is affixed to a flat base. This allows it to be easily portable and helps you to incorporate it into a wide variety of different types of exercises.

One of the best exercises to do on the Bosu is a side plank fly. The side plank helps to strengthen your core muscles like your abs and back. It also helps to strengthen the muscles along the sides of your stomach, which are often overlooked. Incorporating the Bosu and a fly into this basic exercise helps to take it up a level and further contributes to your overall fitness.

Exercise Basics

The basic position of the exercise requires that your feet be on the Bosu. Lay the Bosu out in an open area and carry the dumbbell that you’ll use out next to the Bosu. Position yourself so that you’re resting on one elbow on your side with your feet at the area of the Bosu. Work your feet onto the Bosu; you should be lying on your side with just one foot resting on the Bosu and the other foot resting on top of the first foot. When you’re ready to begin, take a deep breath and push up using your hips and elbow so that you’re resting only on your foot and elbow. This is the base position.

To execute the Bosu side plank fly, hold the dumbbell in your free hand and slowly move it in a half rainbow motion until it’s directly over your head. Then slowly bring it back down to the side of your body, all the while remaining positioned up in the plank position. This constitutes one repetition of the exercise.

Safety and Injury Prevention

This exercise can be somewhat dangerous if you aren’t already familiar with the Bosu. Be sure that your feet are secure on the device before you begin. As with any other exercise in which you lift a weight over your body, be very careful so as not to drop it. This can cause other injuries as well; you may wish to have a spotter present to help ensure that you don’t do this.


To modify the exercise, add a leg lift to the motion after you have raised the dumbbell up to the highest point. Lift your leg that isn’t resting directly onto the Bosu up as high as you can by spreading your foot away from the other foot. Bring your leg slowly back down and then bring the dumbbell down as well.


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