Drinking Wine for Antioxidants

There are a multitude of health benefits that come along with drinking wine in moderation; one of the most important is drinking wine for antioxidants.

What Are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are both enzymes and nutrients that help to control the damage done to the body’s cells, proteins and DNA by free radicals. Antioxidants are found in foods such as onions, garlic, broccoli, blueberries, tea, and even chocolate and wine.

Free Radicals, Antioxidants and Chronic Disease

Free radicals are harmful byproducts and are impossible to avoid. They are produced when the body uses oxygen through such processes as respiration or metabolism and are also obtained through external sources like pollution and sunlight. These free radicals wreak havoc on the body, and it is believed they are involved in the development of various chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease, strokes and even Alzheimer’s. Antioxidants help to repair the damage done by these free radicals and so are believed to play an extremely important role in preventing the chronic diseases that they are related to.

What’s Wine Got to Do with It?

Poly-phenolic flavonoids are antioxidants found in the skin of grapes. Red wine has a higher level of this antioxidant as the skin of the grapes is included during the fermentation process. According to the National Cancer Institute, research on this specific antioxidant has shown that may help to slow the development of certain types of cancer.

Everything in Moderation

Wine, specifically red wine, has various health benefits including, but not limited to the antioxidants it provides for our bodies. It also helps to keep the heart healthy and lower bad cholesterol levels. But it’s important to drink alcohol only in moderation as consuming large quantities can result in the reverse affect on the body. The USDA defines moderate drinking as one glass of wine per day for woman, two for men. So enjoy your glass of red wine with dinner by knowing the great health benefits you’ll receive from it, but don’t go overboard!


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