Drinking Water: Health Benefits List

Drinking water health benefits are so numerous, we should all be doing more of it! At a minimum, your body is naturally 55% water, so keeping it hydrated will pay you back with the following healthy side effects:

Benefit #1: Preventing Water Retention

Water retention leads to unhealthy weight gain. If you are even just slightly dehydrated, your body will begin storing water to provide essential body functions. Six to eight glasses of water a day will actually reduce water retention.

Benefit #2: Aiding in Detoxification

Water helps your kidneys effectively eliminate the waste and toxins you produce every day. During exercise, your body breaks down fat for energy, promoting weight loss and producing additional toxins. So maintaining your water intake gives you the needed fluids for body processes like waste removal.

Benefit #3: Providing Nutrients

Water actually has nutrients that are essential for tissue health and basic cell functions. It also helps your body transport the nutrients you get from the food you eat to the organs and tissue in your body that need them. Reduce your caffeine intake and increase nutrient transportation by drinking water instead of soda, fruit juice, and sports drinks.

Benefit #4:Boosting Metabolism

Not only does cold water give your metabolism a mini, 30-minute boost after drinking it (as you body jumps into action to get the water in your stomach to body temperature) but it also increases energy for workouts. Dehydration can cause fatigue and headaches that will zap your energy and slow your physical activity.

Benefit: #5: Decreasing Appetite

Often thirst and hunger sensations feel the same, making you think you’re hungry when you not. If you think you feel hunger, drink a glass of water and wait 20-30 minutes to see if it passes. Not only will you prevent dehydration, but it may help you lose weight!

Benefit: #6: Regulating Body Temperature

Our bodies are like a car radiator that needs water for both the air conditioner and the heater. Without proper hydration, our bodies will struggle to heat and cool themselves effectively.

Water is as essential to our bodies as it is to our planet. So drink 6 to 8 glasses of it daily–here’s to your health!


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