Drinking Water For Better Health In Women

Drinking water leads to good health. The body can go without food for several weeks, but when it comes to water it can only go for several days. This is because the body is unable to store the water so it constantly needs a fresh supply in order to function properly.

Water is essential to every function of the body, as it is found in all parts of the body including the blood, muscles, skin, bones and joints. Between 55 to 75 percent of the body is made up of water. 

So whether you prefer bottled or filtered water, it is good for you and will help you to eliminate many health problems in the long run. A good habit to get into is to carry a water bottle with to ensure that you are getting the amount you need.

How Much Water for Optimum Health?

Most people lose between 2 to 3 liters of water per day. So it makes sense that this is the amount that you should drink each day in order to stay hydrated. But keep in mind that some of your fluids will come from your food, especially from fruits and vegetables. So if you eat a lot of fresh produce you will not need to drink that much water.

Experts say the average person needs only about 8, 8-oz. glasses of water a day. Naturally, someone who is short, or does not weigh as much will not need as much as someone who is tall or weighs more. To help you to determine how much you really need, take your body weight and divide it by 2. The result is the number of ounces you need each day.

If you are dehydrated, or if you are trying to lose weight, then you will need to consume more. Listen to your body and it will tell you when you are thirsty. 

The Benefits of Drinking Water

The benefits of water are numerous. By drinking the recommended daily intake you can lower high cholesterol as well as high blood pressure. It also helps to keep you hydrated, which in turn helps your skin to retain its moisture which helps you to look young.

It is amazing to see how water effects the body during weight loss. It speeds up the metabolism to burn calories up to 3 percent faster! Plus, it increases your energy level and helps you to control your appetite.

Disinfection of Drinking Water

Water is often infected with harmful bacteria, viruses or parasites from animal wastes, or the sewage system. Disinfection is recommended if the water has been poorly treated, if the treatment is unknown, or when it comes from a river, lake or a well that may have been contaminated. One of the easiest ways to disinfect water is to boil it for 1 minute. Allow the water to stand between 30 to 60 minutes before drinking it. This will prevent you from burning your tongue.


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