Drinking Too Much Water: Dangers Of Weight Gain

When researching diet plans and trying to lose weight, you will probably come across a whole host of information in regards to drinking a lot of water. However, is there such a thing as drinking too much water? There are in fact some disadvantages that can coincide with drinking too much water, some more serious than others. However, realistically it is quite difficult to drink too much water. Let’s take a quick look at whether or not you should worry about an excessive consumption of water.

Can Excessive Water Cause Weight Gain?

Consuming too many fluids at one time can lead to bloating, which is quite an uncomfortable feeling. However, while there might initially be bloating and or weight gain, this is only temporary. The body will shed the weight naturally via sweat, urine, or even through the digestion of food rather quickly.

So at first there may be signs of weight gain, but over time the the water weight will be shed. On top of this, water consumption can leave a person feeling full, and thus allowing them to consume less food.

The Importance of Water

All in all, drinking water is a vital activity for your entire body and its organs. There are worse side effects to not drinking enough water than there is to drinking too much. In order to avoid bloating, you should try and spread water consumption over the course of the day, instead of consuming a large portion all at once.




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    I woke up this morning at 145 pounds, I drank 3 cups of water and now I’m 150 pounds in one day. What the he’ll?