Drinking Skim Milk for Weight Loss: Does It Work?

Skim milk serves as a low calorie alternative to other dairy milk varieties. Compared to soy milk, the fat free dairy choice contains fewer calories as well. For many people, drinking skim milk in moderation helps them lose a few pounds over an extended period of time. Those switching from a milk with a higher fat concentration, tend to see the fastest results.

Skim Milk Nutrition Concerns

Most weight loss diets focus on cutting out sugary carbohydrate packed foods. Most dairy milk options, including fat free or skim milk, contains a moderate amount of sugars. One cup of skim milk contains about 12 grams of sugar and 90 calories.

People tend to over consume products that have low calories while, disregarding the other nutrients. In this case, milk has more sugars than protein or healthy fats, meaning that dieters should consume skim milk in moderation.

Weight Loss Abilities

Since skim milk contains less than 100 calories per each one cup serving, therefore, it does have less of an impact on our daily caloric intake than other milk choices. Drinking skim milk rather than whole milk, which contains a much greater fat content, helps many people shed pounds.

Weight Management Information

When we over consume sugary foods, some of the simple carbohydrates get stored as fat in our bodies. We do have the ability to metabolize most simple sugars when eaten in moderation. Therefore, consuming limited amounts of products, like skim milk, generally does not affect weight loss goals.

Timing the Consumption

Skim milk will have less of a chance to cause weight gain when consumed close to the times when you participate in physical activities. Many people add fat free milk to their cereal in the morning, which serves as a better choice than drinking it before bed. When we have sedentary periods, our bodies have less of a chance to metabolize sugars for energy. Instead, the sugars get stored as fat.

Skim Milk Ideas

Fat free milk mixes well with most protein powder supplements. Many people mix their pre or post workout shakes with skim milk in order to limit calories, consume valuable nutrients and a source of fast metabolizing sugars.

Rather than adding a whole fat variety of milk to cereals, skim milk helps limit the caloric consumption of the entire meal. Several cereals contain a high amount of sugars which make up the carbohydrates found in these products. Although skim milk will increase the total amount of sugars, it will keep fat, cholesterol and sodium limited.

Never substitute any type of milk, including the fat free skim option, for water. Our bodies need water in order to function properly, even though it contains no calories or nutrients. Skim milk serves as a good substitute for many fruit juices and other milk alternatives, though.


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