Drinking Mate Tea as a Ritual

Mate tea acts as the centerpiece of a ritualistic practice customarily found in several regions of South America. The healthy plant-derived tea helps soothe the body and mind when used as a meditative way of socializing with friends and family.

Mate Tea Ritual

Traditionally, mate tea was used as a way of connecting with and welcoming guests. People of South American cultures would, and still do, sit in circles and pass a gourd full of the warm brewed tea. Some people drink the tea as part of a meditative practice.

Much like other forms meditation, drinking mate tea works to soothe the body and free the mind of stress. When served warm, the beverage tends to comfort the body much like a sauna treatment. Although this practice may sound a bit far fetched, it has taken place for centuries and remains an integral part of many cultures.

Mate Tea Health Benefits

Due to its plant-derived composition, mate tea contains all of the phytochemicals, which have produced positive correlations in some studies aimed at cancer prevention. Also, the tea leaves contain minerals that other alternatives do not, including manganese and magnesium. Mate tea contains small traces of potassium as well, along with other antioxidants that are linked with the reduction of unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Paired with the full body relaxation provided through mate rituals, these health benefits provide most people with plenty of incentives to make the switch from coffee or green tea varieties. Mate tea even includes limited traces of caffeine, providing a mild stimulating effect for the non-morning person.


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