Dried vs. Fresh Fruits: Nutrition Differences to Note

There are some nutrition differences that you might have to consider when using fruits in your diet. Both fresh and dried fruits are natural and essential¬†foods that can provide you with¬†necessary vitamins and other elements. However, dried fruit does not contain the same amounts of nutrients as fresh fruit. Keep reading to discover why…

Consequences of Drying

After the fruits are dried, they loose water. Hence, their volume decreases, too. Not only the size of a fruit shrinks, but the amounts of vitamins, fats, fibers and other nutrients decrease as well. Therefore, one dried apricot, for example, contains twice as less vitamins A and C as a fresh one.

Because fruits loose water and volume during the drying process, nutrients that they contain become more concentrated. Unfortunately, the same goes for the calories and sugar. Therefore, a cup of dried apricots, for instance, would contain more calories and sugar than a cup of fresh ones.

In addition, in the process of drying the sweeteners are often added to berries. Cranberries are the berries that are sweetened most often. Note that one third of a cup of these berries contains 29 grams of sugar.

Calorie Comparison

In order to demonstrate the differences between the¬†amounts of calories contained in fresh fruits and¬†their dry alternatives, a list with comparison of¬†some foods’ nutritiousness is displayed below.

Calories per 100 grams:

  • Green grapes-70; raisins-300;
  • Fresh apricots-50;¬†dried apricots-240;
  • Bananas-90; banana chips-350;
  • Plums-45; prunes-230;
  • Apples-52; apple chips-25

Most of the foods presented here, except for apples, contain greater amounts of calories after they are dried. This information especially deserves close attention if you’re considering including dried fruits in your weight loss plan.

Consumption  Consideration

When considering fruits as an alternative for snacking, you might prefer dried fruits over the fresh ones because the first are easier to carry around and consume. They would also take less space in you bag or on a shelf. Still, you are probably able to eat more prunes than plumes or other dried fruits or berries at once. Therefore, you are likely to consume more calories at once without even noticing it.

Dried fruits present a great replacement of unhealthy snacks because they contain vitamins, calcium, fibers and other substances that are essential for our health. However, there is a risk of consuming too many  nutrients concentrated in a small amount of dried fruits. Study the information about the ingredients contained in such foods carefully when going grocery shopping. The less additives there are contained, the better.

Dry fruits taste good and are the source of healthy substances; however, try eating these foods in moderate amounts.


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