Dress Sexy! Plus Size Skirts

You can dress sexy as a plus size woman. Don’t think as a plus size woman you have to spend your days in sweats to be comfortable. One article of clothing that lends itself to both comfort and sex appeal is the skirt. Skirts come in many different styles and fabrications. They are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that you can own. Every woman owes it to herself to add a flattering, sexy skirt to her wardrobe. The following tips will help you to find the perfect plus size skirt.

Find the Best Length for You

The first thing to think about when choosing a skirt is length. You want to make sure that the length of the skirt is flattering to your body type. Keep in mind that the eye will be drawn to wherever the hem hits. For the most flattering look, the trick is to have the skirt hit your legs at a slim point. Look in the mirror and determine where your legs are the thinnest. Whether that is mid thigh, at the knees, above the calves or at the ankles, you are sure to find a skirt that fits your needs. Don’t be afraid to have a skirt hemmed to bring it to the right length. It’s well worth the cost of this simple alteration to have the perfect skirt.

Look for a Flattering Cut

Skirts come in a wide array of shapes. Some shapes are more flattering on plus size figures than others. A pencil skirt is a shape that falls straight from the hips to the hem of the skirt. This is a very versatile cut. A pencil skirt can easily go from the office to a dinner date and is flattering on most plus size women. An A-line skirt is also a very good choice for plus size women. This shape flares out from the waist to the hem. An A-line skirt is flattering on almost all figure types.

It’s best to stay clear of skirt styles that are heavily pleated as these shapes add visual weight to the figure. Also, keep clear of skirts that are too short or too tight. These will also make you seem larger than you are. Make sure that the size and shape of the skirt is in proportion to your body.

Choose the Best Fabric for Your Needs

Think about where you will be wearing the skirt. If you want a skirt to wear on a hot summer day with your favorite sandals, then you want the fabric to be lightweight and breezy. Lightweight cottons and linens work well for summer skirts. If you are looking for a skirt to wear in cold weather with tights, look for heavier fabrics such as wool or wool blends. Skirts with medium weight fabrics and neutral colors are the most versatile. These are the types of skirts that can easily transition from one season to the next.


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